“Pretty Little Liars” Review: Mona Should Have Always Been One of the Liars

The end is near but there’s still some twists to have before we say goodbye to our Liars.

Before this episode, the Liars were pretty torn apart. I hated seeing them fighting because that’s when ‘A’ always wins. I loved that Ezra (Ian Harding) stood up for Aria (Lucy Hale) because he’s right, they’ve all done it before. ‘A’ has put them in bad situations and they’ve all gone down that rabbit hole. They’ve also all forgiven each other. I’m glad that that’s continuing to be the trend.

I was getting very worried. Tanner (Roma Maffia) had the arrest warrants and then she picked them up where Elliot was buried. It looked like it wasn’t going to end well for the liars and then Mary (Andrea Parker) came and saved the day. Mary took the fall for Elliott’s death and confessed to killing her sister. As Aria said, she did that for Spencer (Troian Bellisario). The Liars dug themselves into such a big hole and there was no getting out. But Mary found a way.

We finally found out who killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) but it was a huge letdown. Social media alluded to Mona killed Charlotte. They shouldn’t have done this. It was a spoiler and would have been a bigger surprise if they kept it under wraps. I’m tired of the big reveals being let downs. The big reveal of A.D. better not be a letdown.

I did like that Mona accidentally killed Charlotte. She did it for the girls. She was trying to protect them. Though, she wasn’t planning on killing Charlotte.

After everything, I think I feel the most for Mona (Janel Parrish). Hearing that confrontation and that Charlotte was going to go right back to hurting the Liars and then Mona fought back. Then, Mona got the game stolen from her again and all of that just led her back to being the Mona before. A.D. has really done a number on them. And the second ‘A’. It’s easy to believe that this can break them. All the Liars have broken at one point but the reason why the others are okay is that they have each other and their significant others. Mona doesn’t have anyone. They left her out in the cold when all she wanted to do was help.

So, the game is done? But who is A.D.? We have two hours left but the game is over. A.D. is driving off. He or she must have something up their sleeve for the last episode. There’s got to be some epic finale. The game can’t be over. One week until we find out how it all ends and I have no idea who A.D. is.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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