‘Shadowhunters’ Review: The Ships were Shook

This episode was definitely all about the ships. Some people will be very happy and others will be sad but every ship had a major impact this week.

The biggest of the ships that were shook was Clace and Climon. For me, from the beginning, I was a Clace shipper. But since Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Clary (Katherine McNamara) got together I’ve loved them together. They’re so cute. They know each other so well and it’s so easy. I’m a little torn between these two ships at the moment. Mostly, I’m just heartbroken for Simon. He had to see that passionate kiss between Clary and Jace (Dominic Sherwood). Where does that leave them? More importantly, how does Clary really feel? I’m not 100% sure. We were told that Seelies’ twist the truth, so what is the truth? Where does Clary’s heart belong? And the question for me, where do I want it to belong?

I also hated seeing Clary torn up about it. It doesn’t matter who she truly loves, Simon is still her best friend, so it’s got to be killing her. I was thinking during the episode, if she does choose Jace, it will be the hardest thing she’s ever done because it will kill her breaking Simon’s heart. Full disclosure, I didn’t read the books, so I don’t know who she will end up with but does it matter how it happened in the book? This is the TV show and as we know from Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries, it doesn’t have to happen like it happened in the books.

Izzy finally had a good conversation with her mom. The one she needed to lift so much pressure off of her. She believes she can never live up to her mom’s expectations but I think Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) is amazing. She’s so strong. I like that the writers put her down this path because I love strong female characters and I don’t mean perfect ones. I mean flawed, beautiful ones. Ones that screw up but they overcome it. Her mom gave her the courage to fight for the love she has with Raphael (David Castro) but damn Sabastian (Will Tudor) for making him back off. This was not the outcome I wanted. That doesn’t mean this ship is over. It’s just one part of their story. Once everyone sees Sabastian for who he really is maybe then they can fight for their love.

Malec definitely had the best outcome of all the ships in this episode. It was so much fun watching them play professional and then seeing Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) stand up for Alec (Matthew Daddario), granted he his biased but still. We need at least one happy ship after all that heartbreak.

In between all the couple drama, Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) was tricked into trying to kill Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) and I think it was Sebastian that did it. Who else would? I hate that Luke took the bait but I’m glad that Alec is really trying to make things better with the downworlders. I think between that and the fact that he really respects Luke, saved Luke.

What’s next for all the ships and what’s next for Luke who just did something very uncharacteristic for him?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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