Top 10 Iconic ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Scenes

We’ve had seven seasons of so many iconic scenes on Pretty Little Liars. It’s hard to just choose ten. I think the most iconic scenes are the most heartbreaking ones. That has a lot to do with the incredible acting on this show. They just break our hearts while we watch them. These are my top ten iconic scenes but I also want to know what your most iconic scenes are.

10. Spencer finds out Toby is playing for the ‘A’ team– “Misery Loves Company” Season 3, Episode 16
It was so hard to believe that Toby (Keegan Allen) could really be playing on A’s team but it seemed like that was the most logical explanation with the evidence we had in front of us at the time. It was a heartbreaking scene and a twist I didn’t see coming.

9. Mona with the game– “In the Eye Abides the Heart” Season 7, Episode 15

After Mona (Janel Parrish) was released from Radley and started trying to play the game on the other side, I loved her. She was the person you wanted on your side. So when Hanna (Ashley Benson) showed Mona the game I was in love. Mona was also in love. It was so much fun watching Mona geek out over A.D.’s game. Definitely one of the best scenes of season seven and of the show.

8. Aria tearing up Ezra’s apartment– “She’s come Undone” Season 4, Episode 21

Lies are certainly abundant on this show but none seemed more of a betrayal than the way Ezra (Ian Harding) met Aria (Lucy Hale) and deceived her and her friends. I think Ezra deserved his apartment being trashed. This storyline and this scene makes me wonder why Ezria is still my favorite couple but in reality, even my other favorite couple, Haleb, didn’t exactly get together altruistically either.

7. Spencer at Radle in group therapy– “Will the Circle be Unbroken” Season 3, Episode 22

Troian Bellisario is such an amazing actress. Probably why all my favorite scenes with her are the most heartbreaking. After everything, the Liars went through they were bound to lose it at some point. I think Spencer had the most heartbreaking breakdown.

6. Spencer and Toby reunited– “A Dangerous gAme” Season 3, Episode 24

It made no sense that Toby would truly join that ‘A’ team. When we found out he was more playing as a double agent, it filled up my heart. Toby would do anything for Spencer, even if that meant being apart from her. All he ever wanted to do was protect her.

5. Hanna and Caleb breaking up– “Birds of a Feather” Season 3, Episode 4

I always cry during this Haleb breakup. Hanna couldn’t say a word as Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) broke-up with her. She could have told him the truth but she chose to protect him. Ashley is also an amazing actress because even with no words you could see all the pain.

4. Mona’s death (or fake death)– “Taking this One to the Grave” Season 5, Episode 12

When the writers made us think Mona died, this was the most shocking twist ever to happen in the five years of PLL at that point. Sure, there are deaths in Rosewood but this was huge. Mona was finally becoming one of the Liars, well kind of. It was almost as big as a shock when we found out she was still alive. I’m so glad the writers tricked us and that Mona is still here.

3. Ali’s Verdict– “I’m a Good Girl, I am” Season 5, Episode 24

Sadly, I don’t think Ali’s (Sasha Pieterse) verdict was such a big surprise, even it felt like it in the moment. Ali had told too many lies and it had caught up with her. It was more how the scene was constructed that made it so great. The music, the Liars being shocked and the fact that the Liars were then also arrested. It was definitely one of the most iconic scenes of PLL.

2. Mona confessing to Wilden’s murder– “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook” Season 4, Episode 8

Before this final season, Mona confessing to Wilden’s murder to save Hanna’s mom was the most iconic scene in all of PLL. It spoke to the depth of Hanna and Mona’s friendship and it also spoke to the redemption Mona was trying to pay for everything she did to the Liars.

1. Ezra and Aria’s proposal– “Wanted Dead or Alive” Season 7, Episode 6

Hanna and Caleb getting married, Toby and Spencer hooking up– “Choose or Lose” Season 7, Episode 18

Emily and Ali deciding to have a baby together– “The Glove that Rocks the Cradle” Season 7, Episode 16

I can’t have an iconic list without all of the ships. Granted, how all these ships will end is still uncertain but they have all had great moments in this last season. The Ezria proposal, the Haleb wedding, Spoby hooking up and Emison deciding to raise a baby together. What more can I say?


Only one more episode left and I’m sure there will be plenty of iconic scenes to top all of these.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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