‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: The Liars Live Happily Ever After

This is my last ever Pretty Little Liars review. I don’t even know where to begin. That was such an intense episode. It started like everything was all happily ever after but we knew A.D. was not finished yet.

There were a lot of theories going around about Spencer (Troian Bellisario) having a twin and that’s exactly what happened. I think my favorite thing about this was getting to see Troian play A.D. and Spencer at the same time. I love Troian, so it was great to see her play both. 

It makes sense that it all goes back to that family. Sure, it all started with Mona (Janel Parrish) but everything came back to Radley and came back to everything of the DiLaurentis family.

At first, I wasn’t sure about how I felt about Spencer having a twin but after everything was explained it made sense. I know a lot of people wanted Wren (Julian Morris) to be ‘A’ and even I. Marlene King said that was her second choice but I never got Wren as ‘A’. It didn’t make any sense. What reason would he have to torture the girls. Plus, it doesn’t matter which ‘A’ were talking about, I always felt like ‘A’ was a girl. ‘A’ could never have been a guy. A guy would have tortured them in a very different way.

I hated that so many Spoby moments was Alex and not Spencer. If I think back at all of those moments, I definitely felt the difference. I thought it was odd when Spencer kissed Toby (Keegan Allen) to say goodbye. When she was looking at the photo album I knew something was up and after seeing Spencer play scrabble with Toby, them having sex seemed out of place. I was happy that Spoby got to live happily ever after, though.

All the couples got their happy ending. I didn’t think that would happen. I hoped but I didn’t think that was possible. I also liked how the writers made Aria (Lucy Hale) not be able to have kids. It was heartbreaking but there will be women that will relate to her and I think that’s great. It’s great that it’s easy for everyone to find someone to relate to on this show.

We got a great Emison proposal and we got the Ezria wedding we’ve been waiting for. Other than actually seeing Spoby together, I think we got everything we could have asked for. Haleb is even having a baby! How cute was it to see Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) with their twins?

I loved the end of Mona’s story. She was playing the game to beat A.D. I always knew we could trust her. I wish the Liars were nicer to her. She came through in the end. I also love that Mona put Mary (Andrea Parker) and Alex into a dollhouse and Mary said “she can’t keep us her forever. Alex replied: “Of course she can, she’s Mona.” Sure, Mona’s still a little crazy but in a great way. 

And we couldn’t have the story end without Hanna (Ashley Benson) being a true friend to Mona until the end.

I loved that it was Jenna (Tammin Sursok) that figured out Spencer was Alex. I loved that we got to see Wren again. I’m not sure if I was more shocked Alex killed him or that she used his sperm for the babies.

It was a great episode to say goodbye. I think the reveals of Mona and Charlotte were more intense episodes but this one was more about saying goodbye and getting to see the characters happy. There was different objective. I will always hate that we didn’t find out how the moms got out of the basement but at least we got a little bit of the moms together in the final episode.

PLL couldn’t last forever and it got a very fitting ending.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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