Teen Wolf: Liam Ends Up Exactly Where Dylan Sprayberry Wanted Him

Dylan Sprayberry told me, ” I can tell you that I can’t tell you anything.”

Dylan (Liam Dunbar) said to the round table at San Diego Comic-Con that we were probably going to get a lot of general answers but he did tell us that we will get to see all of the Teen Wolf characters’ storylines wrap up.

“You’re going to get to see your last final arcs, each of us,” he said.

The word that was going around the press room was “satisfied.” That’s the word to describe the last episodes but I think Dylan is probably one of the most satisfied of the cast because his character ended up exactly where he wanted him to be. He gave the writers some input into Liam and he was surprised and happy to see that the writers implemented his ideas. He did add that the writers know best.

“I’m just really happy and amazed he’s where I wanted him to be,” he said. “I got to play what I wanted to play this season, which is all I can ask for.” 

Wherever Liam ends up, that does not include us getting to see him as the Alpha. At the end of season 6A Scott left and Liam was supposed to take over as Alpha but apparently, that hasn’t happened yet. We will get to see Liam with more responsibility, though.

“You get to see him growing in those foot steps. Every season is an inch up on him becoming the person to take the throne,” Dylan said. 

We will get to see more comedy from Dylan, at least in the first three episodes.

“In 6A we got to do a little bit of that. I got to do some funny stuff with Cody and I think that really kind of kicked it off. The writers and producers saw the response from the fans that they liked that dynamic and they liked the comedy, so it was great to get to do that again,” he said.

We may get to see Dylan do more comedy. He never knew he liked doing it until he got the chance to do it in Teen Wolf. He still likes drama but he’s hoping that these scenes will help him do more comedy in his career.

The final ten episodes of Teen Wolf starts Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c pm on MTV.

Check out my entire interview with Dylan in the Teen Wolf press room:

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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