Emily Bett Rickards and Echo Kellum Joked Their Way Through SDCC

If you love every scene that has Felicity and Curtis in it on Arrow, then you’ll love the interview I had with them at San Diego Comic-Con. They didn’t really give any clues on what will happen this season but it was a lot of fun watching their chemistry right in front of me. There’s a reason why they have such great chemistry on screen, it’s because they have the same chemistry in real life.

This wasn’t an easy press room for the actors to walk into. At the end of season five, most of the actors were in an explosion on the island and we were given no indication of who would live or die. This was the biggest cliff hanger Arrow has ever given us. The actors were told they couldn’t tell us anything. Emily Bett Rickards and Echo Kellum did a very good job of not telling us anything. They created a new show for themselves on TLC, Martha and Snoop. Some reporters in the press room were annoyed that they wouldn’t answer any of our questions. Emily and Echo clearly decided if they couldn’t tell us anything, they were going to have some fun.

Someone asked about Paul, Emily and Echo went right into making up a story about how Paul came to the island to save Curtis and he’s also dead. Someone said the team really came together and Emily said, “The team really did come together but they also died together. Lived together. Died together. There’s no show next year.” 

They knew exactly what they were doing.

“My favorite part of Comic-Con is making sure none of these interviews are usable, so that’s why we’re together pretty much,” Emily said. (Clearly, she failed in this endeavor.) 

“We try to ruin it all. We try to ruin Comic-Con. We’re trying to shut Comic Con down. I think that’s what we set out to do,” Echo added. 

“That’s a great movie pitch, we’re shutting Comic-Con down,” Emily continued. 

“That is a great movie pitch.” Echo said. 

Eventually, Emily and Echo got a little serious. If Felicity and Curtis are still alive, Emily would like to have more scenes with Felicity and Curtis. She said that Curtis has stolen all of her jokes but if they are together, she’d be down for that. In reality, she just wants to work with him more. We can clearly see that have so much fun together. They can’t agree on whether these interviews are going to help or hurt their cause. Emily thinks her career is over and Echo thinks it will help.

This was the funniest interview I’ve ever been a part of and the one I got the least information out of but I love Emily and I love Felicity and Curits scenes, so it was great seeing their chemistry off screen. Check out the entire interview and stay tuned for actually updates about Arrow.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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