‘Teen Wolf’ Review: Beacon Hills Still Needs them, Even Stiles

The final ten episodes have begun. Scott, Lydia and Malia were about to start the next chapter of their lives but Beacon Hills is keeping them. Could they really leave their home when their town, family and friends need them?

It may have been a lot easier if the new Hell Hound could have told them what they let out but the other villain in this season killed him before we got the chance to find out. We have two very scary villains to tackle this year and no Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to do it with. I get why they didn’t call Stiles. He’s very excited to be training for the FBI and he deserves this. He will be a great detective. Selfishly, I want them to call him to bring him back sooner. But I also think Stiles would want to be in on the fight even if he did tell Scott (Tyler Posey) to get out of Beacon Hills.

We got to see a glimpse of Stiles at the end but he’s not in the credit which is probably the most shocking and not shocking thing in the episodes. From the trailer, we kind of knew he wasn’t going to be in all the episodes but it’s sad that he’s not. This show started with Stiles and Scott and it’s just not the same without him. I’m very proud of Dylan for moving on to bigger and better thing but Teen Wolf still needs him.

Holland Roden (Lydia Martin) is always great but that vision she had was exceptional. I’ve always loved her ability to say so much with her facial expressions and hardly say a word.

One of my favorite scenes of the episode was when Mason (Khylin Rhambo) brought a bat to the fight. Khylin told me in the press room at Comic-Con that Mason is a little like Stiles. I thought the same thing but I never imagined what he meant was we would be seeing Mason with the bat. The bat may seem very silly but what it really represents is braveness. To be able to have no special abilities and still go into the fight is very brave.

We knew Tyler Hoechlin was coming back in these last ten episodes but to have him be in a video at the FBI training and wanted for mass murder? No one would have guessed that come back for Derek. What kind of misunderstanding is this and how is Stiles going to get him out of it? Sadly, that’s my biggest question even though I know a lot more is going on right now. 

The final ten episodes have begun. Are we ready?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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