‘The Bold Type’ Review: The Ladies Went through the Ringer

It was nice to see these amazing ladies go through their biggest obstacles yet and it was nice to see them end up in different outcomes. Not that I don’t want all of them to be happy but we don’t get our way all the time and it’s when we are faced with struggles it’s when we really see what we are made of.

Sutton (Meghann Fahy) has gone through the ringer to actually make it a job she wants and now she’s not getting enough money to pay her rent. Fashion and journalism are not high paying jobs, so I can’t imagine what her salary actually looked like. I love how this show deals with real issues and negotiating for salary is definitely one of them. Even better, her final conversation was about other things she could get and not just salary because it’s not just about money. It’s amazing how these friends pull together. They gave Sutton the courage to go in and not take no for an answer because they were her safety net. It’s been great seeing Sutton grow in just a few episodes. 

For Jane (Katie Stevens), getting her dream job hasn’t been everything she imagined it would be. While Jane did write an amazing piece on the former Wall Street lady, she may have been too descriptive. That was a lesson learned to her for if her subject wants to keep her anonymity. It was also a lesson to Richard (Sam Page) about the conversations he has with Sutton. It was a little awkward when Jane just lay it all out there that she knew all about the relationship but I think it was necessary for Richard to know where the boundaries are. Jane didn’t exactly like her outcome but she can move on now. 

I think Kat (Aisha Dee) had the hardest time in this episode and it was all because of fear. Not even fear that she had feelings for a woman, it was fear of a relationship. I didn’t know she had never been in a relationship before but now that we know, it doesn’t really surprise me. She’s such a free soul. These feelings are clearly deep because she’s totally off her game. She’s accidentally tweeting something that was meant for a message and she’s just not being herself. She finally decided she was ready to give it a go and Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) is going back to CoCo. In all fairness, Kat did tell her to go back to her girlfriend. Her fear got in the way of something that could have been great. 

Sutton and Jane ended the episode with much better outcomes, not perfect but they both grew and learned from their experiences. Did Kat learn anything? This may be the first time she’s got her heartbroken, so lessons learned are not going to be clear for a while.

This is the first episode that hasn’t ended with all three ladies very happy and I’m actually happy about that. We only get to see who these ladies are when they go through dark times.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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