‘Gotham’ Review: Bruce Starts His Rise

Gotham is finally back and not much has changed. Penguin is still trying to rule Gotham and Gordon is still trying to make Gotham safer. The only small change is Bruce is in on the fight to make Gotham a better place.

Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Season four is setting the tone that Bruce (David Mazouz) is on the path to really become Batman. The season opened with Bruce looking out over the city like he will do so many times when he comes Batman. He also vanished without a sound when he was talking to Gordon (Ben McKenzie), something else he will do many times. He’s ready to become the vigilante that he doesn’t know he will become but he still has a lot to learn. It’s great getting to see Alfred (Sean Pertwee) teach him and for him to screw up and learn from his mistakes. It was nice to see him apologize to Selina (Camren Bicondova). It takes a strong person to admit when they are wrong. It was also nice because there’s still hope for these two. Even if they are playing on different teams at the moment.

Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Bruce may not like that Selina’s new mentor is Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) but I love it. Yes, Tabitha is one of the bad guys but Gotham allows you to love both the bad guys and the good guys. You don’t have to choose sides. Plus, it’s always nice to see the ladies working together on this show.

Tabitha may have been reluctant to work with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) but for most of this episode, he was on the rise again. It doesn’t matter how many times you knock him down, he keeps coming back. This time his idea to make Gotham safe again was to issue licenses for crimes. I loved this idea, only because I knew Gordon wouldn’t go along with it and I would love him fighting the system, yet again. This also made a rivalry between Penguin and Gordon. Gordon had to prove that the GCPD could still do their jobs better than Penguin. In the end, Gordon will always do the job better but it’s never easy.

Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

While Harvey (Donal Logue) and Gordon were not seeing eye to eye on following the new rules, it was nice just to see them working together again. I love the chemistry between them. An episode without at least a few scenes with these two is a sad episode.

We pretty much saw where most of the characters are since we left them last spring, except for Barbara (Erin Richards) and Butch (Drew Powell). Hopefully, we will catch up with these two soon. That would be my only complaint about this episode, that we didn’t see these two.

We did get to see Ed (Cory Michael Smith). Nygmobblepot lives! Penguin thinks he’s moved on but he’s still talking to the frozen Ed and when he was sprayed with the fear juice, what did he see in his nightmare? Ed. Ed will not be happy with Penguin when he thaws but this friendship is far from over. We just have a crazy ride ahead of us.

Next week Gordon will have to deal with the Scarecrow and I’m looking forward to how he deals with this enemy and I’m hoping they won’t take care of this enemy in just one episode. Plus, I would also like to see more of Penguin scared. Robin is such a great actor and he can play any emotion the writers throw at him.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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