My ‘Teen Wolf’ Farewell: My Favorite Moments

I’m very sad that Teen Wolf is coming to an end but very grateful that it was part of my life. I didn’t get into the show until more recently but it still had an impact on me. I loved Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) the most because even though he had no supernatural powers, he was still the bravest in the pack. I also love Malia because the way Shelley Hennig just nailed the character was amazing. There is no frame of reference to draw from for a girl who was a coyote for so long and had to hunt to survive, to then go back to being a human again. She played the character so well and she was so funny. She was also strong and a lot smarter than she realized. She cares very deeply for her friends and would do anything to protect them.

Really, the way this show truly impacted me was when I was going through a hard time, this was the only thing I could watch to take me away from the pain and I will be forever grateful for that.

I sat down to look back on my favorite moments of the show and this wasn’t an easy task. There really are too many great moments to count to list them all. So, I’m sure I will have missed many but here are the ones that stand out to me the most.

10. Every time Stiles said, “that’s progress” about Malia

As I mentioned before, Malia had to learn how to be a human again. That wasn’t an easy task and I loved every time Stiles would say: “that’s progress.” It was hilarious and also very true. There are some quirks that thankfully always stayed with her but she did learn how to be a human again.

9. Be your own anchor

We could always count on Mama McCall for good advice and inspiration. One of the best scenes with Melissa Ponzio was when she told Scott (Tyler Posey) to be his own anchor. Stiles may have helped Scott find an anchor but Melissa helped Scott find the strength in himself. It was a very powerful moment in the show, in their relationship and in Scott’s journey as a werewolf. 

8. All of Malia’s fights

Malia was a fighter. She had no fear. She didn’t hesitate when she needed to fight. She had killer instincts but she learned to keep the fight and not kill the prey. It was just another example of how she grew throughout her time on this show. Plus, it was always fun to watch her in a fight.

7. Mama McCall brings Scott back to life

I was in total shock when Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) killed Scott. On the one hand, I didn’t believe that Scott could truly be dead but I was very in the moment. Melissa came in to save the day. This was another very powerful moment for the show and relationship. It also showed the strength of Scott. He could be near death but he could still come back from it.

6. Lydia saves Stiles and she says “I didn’t say it back.”

Stydia was a very slow-burning relationship. One that you were never really sure if it was going to come to be but for Stiles, you hoped for him. At the beginning of season six, he had told Lydia (Holland Roden), ” Remember, I love you.” She never said it back and it was the first thing she said when they were finally reunited. This wasn’t like their first kiss. This was, Stydia is a thing and we’re never going back again. It was an incredible moment.

5. When Stiles chooses his weapon of choice: a bat

I am obsessed with Stiles and his bat. I loved when he passed the bat along to Mason and loved when Mason brought the bat to battle too. So of course, one of my favorite moments of the series was when Stiles first brings the bat into battle. He was going to go to battle to help his friends regardless, so of course, he needed a weapon. It may not have been the best weapon for him to choose but it went along with his personality. I don’t care how many people on the show teased him about it, I loved it. I love every time he had that bat.

4. “Bad guy right, I didn’t miss read that?”- Stiles

Speaking of that bat, how awesome was it when he came in and knocked out the bad guy with that bat?! What an entrance! I also loved the reunion Stiles and Scott had in this scene. This show has always been about friendship. Don’t get me wrong, I like romantic relationships but there’s nothing like a good friendship to really make a show. This is one of the best.

3. Lydia trying to break out of Eichen House

Lydia is tough and smart. I loved that she became a Banshee and I’ve loved watching her grow her powers and discover her powers. Since season five, those powers have really grown but there is nothing like her trying to break out of Eichen Hosue. I think it’s because it’s the first time we really saw her fight and truly use her Banshee powers. This attempt may have failed but it was still an epic scene and such great acting from Holland.

2. Stiles and Lydia kiss for the first time

How can I not have Stydia’s first kiss on this list? Before this moment we were never really sure if they could really be a thing. After this, we knew there was something there but it was still a long way off. It was a great moment because not only did Lydia help Stiles, it also showed that deep down she really did have feelings for him.

1. Stiles saving Scott

Stiles saving Scott at the motel will always be my all-time favorite moment in the series. I was crying as much as they were during the scene, as Stiles stepped on the water and told Scott, “you’re just going to have to take me with you.” Nothing has ever been more powerful on this show. The friendship, the brotherhood.  Stiles would truly die for Scott. It’s hard not to watch the scene without crying, even when you know how it all ends, that’s just how powerful it is.

Bonus: (Because you know, 10 was just not enough)

Stiles at Quantico

Allison comes to the rescue against Alpha pack

Derek comes back to life

What are your favorite moments from the series? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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