Tribeca TV Festival: Ryan Hansen Gets his Own Show Within in a Show

If you were a fan of Veronica Mars, you might want to check out this new YouTube Red Original that was written for Ryan Hansen, aka Dick Casablancas. EP and show creator Rawson Marshall Thurber and EP Beau Bauman worked with Ryan on Central Intelligence and had so much fun with him they wanted to create a show just for him. And so Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television was born.

I personally thought it was great that he would be solving crimes because he watched Veronica do it for three years, so of course, he should know a thing or two about solving crimes. The premise is a spoof on all the procedural cop shows. The LAPD pairs an actor with a homicide detective and they solve crimes together. It’s very meta because it’s a show within a show because you can’t pair an actor with a detective without filming it, of course.

Samira Wiley was very excited about this show because this was the perfect contrast from coming off of a very serious drama, The Handmaid’s Tale. Apparently, she and Ryan had great chemistry from the moment they met, she called it “explosive.” Samira’s character is all about being the top detective but “then Ryan comes in and messes all that up.” She said what makes it such a good show is because they are complete opposites. She’s about following the rules and he’s about breaking them. “At the core of them, they find the joy of working with each other by the end.”

As you may have expected, I didn’t get too much out of Ryan. He loves that his name was in the title of the show. There was twerking on set and there was a lot more of him teasing me then there was of me truly interviewing him but my Veronica Mars fan inside me was very happy to have spoken to Dick. And we also got to talk about Kristen Bell, who he loves and don’t forget that she hyphenates: Kristen Bell-Shepard.

Ryan Hansen solves Crimes on Television will premiere on YouTube Red on October 25.

Samira is very excited about being on a YouTube show, she said: “YouTube is at the forefront… there are so many people watching Youtube and this is just the next step… I’m so excited about being on the ground floor of it.”

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