‘The Royals’ Review: How Deep Does Robert’s Deception Go?

I was just telling someone about all the drama that’s happened so far on The Royals and how the King died didn’t sit well them. I never really thought about it before. I was in on the mystery on a more emotional level. Now, we may have a better explanation for what happened and why. I think I like this explanation better. The writers were certainly planning the long game on this one.

Could Robert (Max Brown) really have hired Ted to kill his father? If this is true, it makes more sense and I wouldn’t put it past Robert. He’s more manipulative than any of them. After what he did to Kathryn, I hate him. I wasn’t sure about him the second we met him and the more we got to know him, the more a disliked him. Clearly, this season is continuing down that same path.

We are getting to see a different side of Liam (William Moseley) this season. I very hateful and vengeful Liam. I don’t like this side of him but I feel for him. He’s trying to save his father’s legacy and he’s having to do things he never did before. While I don’t like that Liam has to play a girl, it might be the only way. Not the play a girl part but the playing dirty part. He’s out of his league going up against his brother. Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) clearly taught her son everything she knows but I don’t think she thought she would create a monster.

What is Robert up to with Willow (Genevieve Gaunt)? Is it to hurt Liam or bigger plans? She’s an absolute sweetheart. She’s an amazing woman but I can’t imagine that’s why Robert put her on the list. I feel there’s something more to this. Liam tried to intervene but of course, Robert played it smooth once again.

This was a very quiet episode for Len (Alexandra Park). She was out living her life for once but finally, she read all of Jasper’s (Tom Austen) letters. I think she needed this break. It didn’t take much for her to go running back to Jasper. I’ve shipped these two since the beginning despite the way they began. I was happy that they could possibly be getting back together so quickly and then, of course, he had to go and get shot.  

Does anyone else think that Robert was hoping Jasper would get shot while protecting him? It doesn’t seem like Robert does anything that’s not planned and he wanted Jasper out of the picture. All that aside, why is Jasper getting shot in the first episode?! Why are the writers putting us through that? They better have a reason for this.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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