NYCC Press Room: Cory Michael Smith Teases Ed’s Cane and Epic Ngyma/Oswlad Scene

Ed Nygma has certainly struggled throughout Gotham. His mind has never been a stable place. In the final season of Gotham, that continues for Ed. I sat down with Cory Michael Smith in the New York Comic-Con press room to find out what’s next for his character.

When we pick up with Gotham, Ed will be “chillin'” in the library. He won’t have his own territory in the “island” of Gotham.

“And by chillin’, I mean freaking out,” says Cory.

He’s blacking out and waking up in strange places. He doesn’t know if it’s his alter ego this time, or if someone is controlling it. Cory notes that Nygma is quite manic and aggressive. He went home some days with a foggy voice but thinks fans will enjoy seeing the “manic” season.

When I asked about Ed and Oswald’s “bromance”, he started to take slight offense, saying they didn’t have a “romance”, but the entire table said in unison, “bromance”. Fans will be happy to know that these two characters will meet up this season. Nygma is questioning whether Oswald has anything to do with what’s going on with his mind.

“There’s this really great scene where there’s a confrontation that will be shot. It’s pretty epic,” says Cory.

Cory goes on to tease that the state of Gotham pairs up some interesting alliances.

The Riddler will get to interact with Bane, who will be played by Shane West. Cory was quite excited to be working opposite of Shane.

“There was this moment where I’m like ‘Shane West, Ben McKenzie. This is like, thirteen-year-old Cory is like, kind of just gleeful inside.’ I kept it real professional on set but it was kind of just this amazing experience as an adult to be working opposite of these two heartthrobs,” says Cory.

There are little details about the ten-year jump and final episode but Ed will have a cane because Cory demanded it. There will also be a new costume with a new hat. He was involved with the fabric choices and says, “it’s pretty cool.” He wouldn’t give away too much, because he didn’t want to spoil anything.

We’re going to have to wait until mid-season to find out more but in the meantime, check out the full interview:

Also, check out the Gotham recap, and a few scenes from the final season:

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