‘Legacies’ Review: A Beautiful and Fitting Story for Remembrance Day

I’ve been loving Legacies so far, and the midseason finale was the best episode by far. Julie Plec is bringing everything we love from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals into her new show and walking us down memory lane, as well.

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The storyline this week was fitting for it to take place on Remberence day. The Necromancer had just brought Jo back and was about to stir up a lot of emotions in Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), too. While Danielle said we would get to see Hope trying to be happy more, this was definitely a throwback to her days on The Originals. She spent a lot of time crying and a lot of time being the badass witch that she is.

This episode also really reminded me a lot of Harry Potter, and remember, Julie did compare the show to the book series. Hope was taking things into her own hands and asked MG (Quincy Fouse) for help.

As powerful as Hope is, there is a reason why Alaric (Matthew Davis) didn’t ask Hope for help on this one. This monster feeds on pain and death. Hope is ripe with both for him to manipulate her with. She did get answers, but it came had a high cost.

Before the episode, I really believed that Klaus had found peace, but now I think the Necromancer is right, that he won’t find peace until Hope does. I can totally see him watching over her heartbroken at what her life has become. I’m glad she’s finally opening up to people, and I hope she will continue to do so. I love when she’s working with a team, as I said it reminds me of Harry Potter.

We did get answers, but also more questions. We don’t know what Malivore will unleash, but we do know that we are one step closer to it happening. I wonder what the other two keys are?

Photo: Jace Downs/The CW

One of the other answers we got this week was why they feed the vampires bunny blood. I’ve always had my speculations of why they did, but I didn’t really know what the answer was.

This storyline was incredible. MG is absolutely the sweetest and it makes sense that he was upset that he couldn’t help Hope the way he thought he should be able to. Of course, he went straight to Kaleb (Chris De’Sean Lee). I have made it known that I am not a fan of Kaleb. He’s not the vampire I would want teaching MG how to feed, but what was about to happen, I didn’t see coming. MG wouldn’t stop feeding. It’s lucky that Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) was there.

I love the Salvatore School so much because MG didn’t get punished for what he had done because it wasn’t his fault, it was Kaleb’s. Dorian really let him have it. I never even thought about what types of vampires could be susceptible to being a ripper. We know Stefan was one, but we met him after the fact. MG does seem like the perfect type for that to be possible.

I’m now seeing Kaleb in a new light. I thought he was just a righteous vampire but he really does have a heart. He’s brokenhearted that he’s done this to MG. I was crying watching him cry as he watched MG dry out in the cell. This was such a beautiful storyline and what made it more beautiful was the way Dorian told Kaleb about rippers. I never even thought about the fact that he is working in a school the memorializes the guy who killed his family. That is a hard thing to swallow.

This school is such a great place for these supernatural creatures to grow into better people than the ones that came before them. Not that I don’t love all of our supernatural beings from TVD or The Originals, but they certainly made their mistakes.

We went down memory lane with Stefan and we also took a trip to New Orleans, in Hope’s mind at least.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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