The Cast of ‘Gotham’ Reminisce about the Last 5 Years at Paley Live

It was an emotional scene as Gotham’s cast gathered at the Paley Center for Media in New York City, just one day after they wrapped for the final time. Each actor had a heartwarming story to tell of their time on set and the incredible people they got to work with.

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Ben McKenzie (James Gordon) had such sweet words to say about David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne). The cast got to watch this young man grow up right before their eyes. Ben said the moment he realized David was going to be okay was when he asked him what his favorite subject in school was, and he said math. He also noted that David has matured into a young man like how you’d hope your own children would grow.

Sean Pertwee (Aldred Pennyworth) worked the closest with David, and in turn, felt like a surrogate father to him, not unlike the one he played on the show.

David had to leave his family and friends behind but says he never felt alone, and that’s because of the amazing family he had onset.

It’s clear from hearing them talk about each other how much of a family they are. Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle) said the best moments on set were the ones between takes. She loves what she does, but she liked experiencing it all with these people. Even if it was them huddling together because they were cold, those are the memories she’s taking with her.

They all have respect for each other as actors, too. Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot) said he was never more terrified than when he started Gotham, but he took Ben’s lead and wanted to rise to everyone else’s level on the panel.

Robin wasn’t as known as he was today when he started Gotham, and Ben remembers his first day in rehearsals with Jada Pinkett Smith and Robin. He said he knew who Jada was, but he didn’t know who Robin was, and Robin just blew him away. The cast noted how much Robin brings to the role, even the way he walks to portray the legendary character.

If you are a Gotham fan, you’re in store for something special in the final season. They are bringing it to an entirely new level. According to executive producer John Stephens, they’ve wanted to do the No Man’s Land idea for a while now. Finally, getting the chance to do it set up the show to go out on a high. He also said the final season feels like a long movie.

Attendees of the Paley Live event got the chance to see a screening of the premiere episode, and it’s pretty epic. Damien Holbrook of TV Guide and moderator for the night said the premiere episode felt like a season finale. He wasn’t wrong. With the level of insanity in the attack, that’s exactly how it felt.

John said the first three episodes of the season are probably the weakest compared to the rest of the season, so that gives you an idea of what we’re in store for: a pretty epic season.

In the first episode, we meet Edward, the dog, and there is a pretty shocking death. The characters are totally isolated, and no one is coming to save them.

Ben told me that one of the things they are exploring this season is “what does a lawman do in a lawless land.” We’ve seen Gordon blur the lines before, but he’s still the boy scout at heart, so it should be interesting to see how he deals with this new reality. Check out the entire interview with Ben:

Selina’s world is the most changed when we catch up with her in the premiere. Camren has talked about the struggle Selina deals with and how powerful the storyline is. I asked her what the one thing she wanted fans to take from this storyline was, and she said: “understanding that strength comes from inside.”

We may not be ready to let go of these characters yet, but Robin is excited to see the next person play Penguin:

Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma) is honored to be part of the Batman story, and when asked about this, it sounded like he’s still processing what it all means:

If you are a Lucious Fox fan, you’ll be excited to know that we are getting more of him this season. Chris Chalk wouldn’t spill the details on the different characters that Fox will align himself with this season, but we can expect the same Fox we know and love:

Gotham’s fifth and final season will premiere Thursday, January 3, 2019, on Fox at 8 pm ET.

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