What are Veronica and Archie Doing?

Varchie is a hot mess since they broke-up. Veronica and Archie have both been reckless lately, and especially in the latest episode.

Archie has made questionable decisions since his break-up with Veronica. (Shane Harvey/The CW)

Archie took a fight against Keller’s wishes. It all worked out in the end, but it could have ended very badly. Archie took the $5K and was willing to throw the fight just to get himself in the ring. I don’t know much about the boxing world, but I agree with Josie, that seems shady.

When Archie finally backed out of throwing the match, he was at risk of getting killed in the ring. Is this the best way he can get his life back together? He seems to be obsessed with the adrenaline that life and death situations give him. I’m more worried about him now than when Hiram was after him.

Veronica is also making horrible decisions. First, when she decided to play a double agent with her father and Gladys. Then, when she covered for her mom and took the blame. I held my breath, not knowing what Hiram would do. There was an indication that he would kill Hermione if he found out about what they did, but would he kill his own daughter? Luckily, we found out that he would not. Veronica just owes him $75k. How is she supposed to pay off Gladys and pay her dad? She’s digging herself into a deep hole.

Varchie were a much better team together. Reggie has not helped Veronica in the decision-making process. Part of the reason Veronica is in the mess she is is because of Reggie. Josie is at least talking some sense to Archie. Even if he couldn’t completely get out of the bed, he had made for himself.

Hopefully, Archie and Veronica can both find a way out the messes they are making for themselves. I get that Archie wants to box, but I think he wants to for the wrong reasons. Veronica is desperately trying to save her family, but face it, Veronica, your father is a criminal, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. I don’t think she can save her mom at this point either, and her best bet is to save her self.

What do you think of what Archie and Veronica are doing? Comment below or tweet me @MandyTTCarr with your thoughts.

Mandy Carr

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