‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Review: We Need a Second Season

You can tell that Carina Adly MacKenzie learned from Julie Plec with the season finale of Roswell, New Mexico. She pulled at our heartstring, had us at the edge of our seats and now we’ll be tweeting like crazy at The CW to renew because that can’t be the ending.

Ursula Coyote/The CW

This entire season has been amazing. The themes, the characters, the storyline. Carina put a lot of thought into creating this show. There’s a lot of characters to fall in love with, storylines to get wrapped up in and couples to ship. It’s everything you want from a TV show. And she also added the theme of feeling like the other in there so seamlessly you might not even notice it. We love Max (Nathan Parsons) Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Isobel (Lily Cowles) for who they are not what they are but they come with a lot of baggage and that became more and more clear at the end. It’s not easy being different. They are just trying to find their way.

Michael was so desperate for answers he let Noah (Karan Oberoi) out. They were lucky only one person died. Michael and Liz (Jeanine Mason) could have died.

What I really liked about this episode was how much people were dealing with how they rose above. Kyle (Michael Trevino) almost bought a gun because he was so scared but he didn’t, and instead protected himself by other means. Okay, sure, he did put Alex’s (Tyler Blackburn) father in a medically induced coma, but the man did try to kill him.

Alex finally got over his crap and told Michael he loved him. It was such a sweet Malex moment, that Noah had to ruin. Michael was all ready to say it back but had to run off to save Isobel and Max. Then when he was supposed to see Alex, he goes to see DeLuca (Heather Hemmens). I like DeLuca, I do, but he’s been in love with Alex for years and they are finally being honest with each other and can be together. Why would he throw that all away? Yeah, it’s complicated, but what love isn’t?

And after everything, we find out that Noah has been keeping Rosa (Amber Midthunder) in one of the pods all these years. Max was crazy to think he could resurrect her but somehow he did. His love for Liz made it possible, but where does that leave Max? He can’t really be dead. There would be no show without him, right? And Roswell, New Mexico should get another season, right?

That’s such a cliffhanger to leave on. And if he does survive, does that mean he’s going to push more to enhance his powers? We already see Isobel trying.

Michael isn’t trying to enhance his powers but DeLuca may have discovered what he is because of his hand. Will she be as accepting as Alex? Carina left us with a lot of questions. I’ can’t wait for season two.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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