Jenny Boyd & Kaylee Bryant Talk the Merge, Mental Health & Speaking Up

The merge is definitely on the twins’ minds as we begin season two of Legacies. I sat down with Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant in the San Diego Comic-Con press room to learn about what’s next for their characters, and what a world without Hope Mikaelson looks like.

According to Kaylee, Josie will be doing a lot of digging into the Merge, while Lizzie is on board with trying to figure it out, she’s not actively trying to find a solution.

Their relationship has changed a little bit with Josie sacrificing herself at the end of season one.

“Reading the first couple of scripts of season two, Josie really is far more conscious of her codependency and is speaking up about a lot more things,” Kaylee says. “I was surprised, I was learning my lines for episode one and I was like why am I having a hard time with this because she’s speaking a lot.

Last season Lizzie was dealing with her mental health and according to Jenny, they will be following that storyline in season two.

We’re definitely touching on that in the first few episodes. In a really interesting way. I’m really excited about it. Delving deeper into that. The writers and I have had some conversations about it.

What does the word of Legacies look like now? Jenny and Kaylee were able to tease just a little.

The Salvatore school itself as changed a lot. There was drama at the end of last season with Alaric basically setting up the students in an amazing way. He may or may not be actively at the Salvatore school. – Jenny

It’s summer break, so some people left the school, some people stayed which means a lot of people that you didn’t get to see interact with last season maybe do get to interact and you see that kind of change.  – Kaylee

Check out the entire interview with Kaylee and Jenny:

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