Matthew Davis: Alaric May or May Not be Principle of Mystic Falls High School

Alaric had a big cliffhanger at the end of Legacies season one. I sat down with Matthew Davis in the press room at San Diego Comic-Con to find out where his character is at the beginning of season two. He either told us a lot or just gave us a fun story to keep us distracted.

Is Alaric still headmaster? According to Matthew, he may or may not be the headmaster. He also may or may not be the principle of Mystic Falls High School. I hope this little tease turns out to be true because it would be awesome to not only see him back in those halls but see him be in charge.

The new headmaster of the Salvatore school may or may not be removing all the restrictions that Alaric put in place to protect the students from themselves. There also may or may not be a renewed rivalry between the schools.

Alaric may or may not be getting a new love interest that is the new sheriff. The table immediately said: “Matt Donovan.” And Matt replies: “It may or may not be Matt Donovan. We’re taking things in a whole new direction,”

Matt also may or may not have teased where Hope is at the beginning of season two.

We may or may not find Hope locked in the Malavore pit at the beginning of episode one. And maybe at the end of [episode] one, she might get out of the Malavore pit. Maybe. She may or may not be wandering through Mystic Falls after she gets out having been completely erased from everyone’s memory. She’s a total stranger that no one recognizes.

Maybe a monster gets out of Malavore and she’s in the process of tracking it down desptite no one reconoizing her. And she may or may not run into Alaric who is also tracking down the same monster, and they may or may not cross paths in pursuit of the same monster. And Alaric probably doesn’t recognize her. And she may or may not construct a whole identity to give to him because he doesn’t remember who she is. And they may or may not partner up to track down these monsters, despite the fact that he doesn’t know who she is.

Did Matt just give us everything we wanted to know? Or did he just create some fan fiction? You decide. Check out the entire interview:

Mandy Carr

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