Wynonna Earp Has a New Curse With an Old Family Feud

An old family feud is rekindled as Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly return from the garden. When they thought the family curse was over, a new one takes hold.

Even Wynonna is scared of this monster, the Reaper. (NBC Universal)

This turn of events is making me very excited for this season. I had no idea where the writers were going. The first three episodes were more about meeting back up with the characters we love again and getting Doc (Tim Rozon), Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) home. Then, being introduced to the new realities of Purgatory.

Now it all makes sense why Wynonna was framed for Nedly’s (Greg Lawson) murder and was taken to the border to be sacrificed. An old Earp family enemy has taken over the town.

Where were they all this time? Why are they just now surfacing to rekindle the old feud? Probably questions that will get answered later in the season, but I’m happy that we have a new storyline that is basically another curse on the Earps.

I never found the remnants very scary, but the Reaper, now, this monster is pretty frightening. Even Wynonna was pretty scared, and I don’t see her get scared very much. They really need her gun right about now, but does her gun work on the Reaper? Even on Supernatural, the Colt didn’t kill all monsters.

It was great to see Waverly investigating again. I forgot how much I love that side of her. We’ve been getting a whole lot of WayHaught action, but it’s nice to see Waverly get back to business in detective mode.

Rachel has been a great addition to the Wynonna Earp family. (Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

And our team is finally back together! I loved how Wynonna went to Black Badge Division and just demanded she take Jeremy (Varun Saranga) back to Purgatory and open back up the BBD offices in the town again. This BBD doesn’t seem as corrupt as the last department, but they also look like they aren’t going to get very far in fighting demons. It’s a good thing they are going to let the team get back together, so they can handle it.

Before they can even tackle the demon problem or the family feud with the Clantons, they are going to have to save Nicole (Katherine Barrell).

I don’t blame Nicole for getting help trying to bring back her love and her friends, but why would a Clanton help Nicole get back an Earp? They clearly want her dead. They have tried to kill Wynonna twice now.

What exactly did Mam (Reagan Pasternak) do to Nicole? Is it a demon possessing her, or is it killer her, or both?

“Afraid” was another fun episode, but it was also leaning into the show’s horror roots too. I was getting a little worried about Wynonna when the Reaper was after her. And as I said before, this demon is much scarier than the ones we have seen in the past.

We are getting down to business with the big bad of the season being revealed and with the team reunited. I’m ready for a fantastic season four.

What do you think of the big bad for the season and the new monster? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below. 

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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