‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’: The Unexpected Show you Need Right Now

Teenage Bounty Hunters was a bizarre, hilarious, fun, and emotional show. It’s nothing like you expect it to be going in, but, as you get used to the quirkiness, you fall in love with the characters.

Blair and Sterling are proud Christians and also question everything.

The series opens up in the parking lot of a Christian high school in Atlanta, Georgia, with the two main characters fooling around in cars with their boyfriends. Shortly after you find out, it’s their school. That threw me for a loop.

I’ve never been to a Christian school, but I feel like this show breaks down a lot of stereotypes of Christians. Especially at the moment. Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) is very political, and a lot of her views are left-leaning, though her family is republican.

Blair and her sister Sterling (Maddie Phillips) don’t take the Bible word for word. They use interpretations of it for a modern world.

There’s a lot discussed in the series politically, from confederate statues heads getting cut off to LGBTQ+.

There was so much you wouldn’t expect coming from two Christian teenage girls, but they were also typical young girls, trying to figure out life.

Through all this, they are also interning to be bounty hunters with the professional bounty hunter, Bowser (Kadeem Hardison). He also owned a yogurt shop. To the girls’ parents, they were working at the shop, and they did a little, but they were also learning to be bounty hunters.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Chief TV Critic, Daniel Fienberg, compared this show to a mix of Veronica Mars and Sweet Vicious. I loved Veronica. I’ve watched it a million times.

The girls moonlight as yogurt shop associates, while working as bounty hunters.

There are similarities. For one, the detective work, but also the quirkiness and how closedminded a lot of people can be. I never saw Sweet Vicious, so I can’t speak to those comparisons.

I loved the detective work that Blair and Sterling did to track down the bail skippers, which were called skips. They were two brilliant young ladies. Bowser did this professionally, but the girls were able to bring new insight into tracking the people down. Their family was prominent members of the city and the country club. That brought him the access he didn’t have before. But they were also quite savvy in figuring things out. They weren’t always great with the undercover work, but the investigation, they were great at doing.

The entire show is a lot of fun to watch with such bizarre things popping up all the time. But, let’s face it, two teenage bounty hunters are quite odd on its own.

There is also such a brilliant twist at the end that makes me want, no need, a season two. I need more from these girls.

The actresses who play the leads were so mature. They played teenagers so well and the complexities of the emotions that they go through during that time, while managing also to be funny. Yes, they have gone through this, but everyone’s story is different, and they made these experiences seem unique for the characters, but also relatable to other people going through them.

I binged the entire series in one day! I was just so hooked I couldn’t stop watching. You need to check out this show.

Teenage Bounty Hunters is now streaming on Netflix. 

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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