‘Supernatural’ is Back with a lot of Smiles and a Cake for Jack

I’ve never seen Sam and Dean smile so much. They were carving pumpkins, eating turkey, and celebrating birthdays, even if it all did go a little too quickly.

We’ve seen Sam and Dean take on Samhain, but we’ve never seen them enjoy the fun of Halloween before. (Colin Bentley/The CW)

Mrs. Butters (Meagen Fay), the wood nymph, was more than she seemed. She wasn’t bad. She just had an oversimplified way of looking at taking care of the Men of Letters. She wanted to protect them, and of course, from an outsider’s perspective, Jack (Alexander Calvert) would be someone to protect Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) from.

So, the joyful Sam and Dean didn’t last long, which is probably good. That’s not the boys I love. I enjoy watching them investigate. I enjoy them tracking down the monster, not just going in for the kill.

Even better seeing this on TV. Who knew I needed to see Dean in a purple nighty. (Colin Bentley/The CW)

Though I’m sure the boys needed to celebrate all the holidays, we certainly wanted to see them do it. I wish we got a little more time with each holiday. The promo and the photos showcased so much of the holidays, which was only a small bit of the episode.

The majority of the episode was about Mrs. Butters taking care of them and trying to kill Jack.

We can blame Dean for bringing Mrs. Butters to them. He decided to take care of the power in the bunker. I don’t blame him for thinking, turning it on and off would work. And who would have thought a wood nymph would come out.

I have enjoyed watching the boys tackle normal problems this season, so it’s nice to see the continuing trend, but they aren’t very good at it. I guess none of us could do what Sam and Dean do without Chuck (Rob Benedict) taking away everyday problems. And now, they are trying to find a way to save the world again while dealing with normal things. It’s just another obstacle for Sam and Dean to overcome.

After seeing a glimpse at all the holidays, we got to see something even more special. Dean coming to Jack’s defense. He may not have forgiven him yet, but he’s getting there.

I was wondering what was up with those milkshakes. Mrs. Butters just seemed so innocent. Maybe a little too innocent. (Colin Bentley/The CW)

I don’t believe Dean just saved Jack because he’s their weapon against God. He’s still one of them, and Dean baked him a cake for his birthday in the end! That was the best part. The not so pretty looking cake was more thoughtful than anything Mrs. Butters had done for them.

They are going to have to be a team to defeat Chuck. And, now that Jack has his soul back, he’s dealing with all the emotions of accidentally killing Mary and the task that is before him. That’s a lot to take in. Maybe a soulless Jack was better for this plan.

But, I do prefer Jack with a soul. He’s so sweet, and he became a true Winchester when he sacrificed his soul to save them. And now he’s saying “son of bitch” just like Dean. It truly warms your heart.

Another great part of this episode was seeing the bunker at full power, but a bummer to find out only Mrs. Butters could power it to that level. But we wouldn’t want Sam and Dean to go out any other way than relying on themselves and their team.

“Last Holiday” was a fun episode get us back into the world of Supernatural. And we have six episodes to defeat God. That seems like a crazy statement, but Sam and Dean have saved the world multiple times, and they will save the world again.

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Mandy Carr

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