Paul Wesley is So Creepy in ‘Tell Me a Story’

Tucker is terrifying me while Paul Wesley is making me love his acting abilities. It’s giving me conflicting emotions.

We were all wondering if this is his normal writing technique. He stalked her, found a way in, kidnapped her, and she was a person that no one would miss, and he said his one rule was don’t try to escape.

Then we saw what looked like graves with flower beds over them, and there were two of them. This clearly isn’t his first time. This storyline was creepy before, and it just got more creepy.

Beau and Ashley are so cute together as the romance blossoms. (CBS)

Tell Me a Story wasn’t all creepy this week. Beau (Eka Darville) and Ashley (Natalie Alyn Lind) spent a nice day together, despite multiple threats against her. She needed a nice, carefree day away.

This storyline is reminding me of the movie First Daughter with Katie Holmes. Only Ashley knows Beau is her bodyguard, unlike Katie’s character.

He was protecting her all the while they were falling in love with each other.

Ashely and Beau are really bonding over their losses. They both needed to talk, and they are confiding in each other.

It was heartwarming to see Ashley thanking the guy who saved her, even though she’s had mixed feelings about surviving. I think she’s finally come to terms with it. It makes sense. You’re a pop star, your looks and your voice are the most important assets, and while we see her beauty, she can’t right now, and she’s still unsure about her voice. That’s a scary place to be in her profession.

We finally got the backstory about why Beau is on leave. He was called to an incident where a detective killed an unarmed suspect and planted a gun. The rest of the cops on the scene lied and stood by “the code,” but he told the truth.

This might hit a little too close to home right now because we would be in a better place if more cops told the truth and not stood by “the code.” I haven’t been in that situation before, but if you want to be a detective or cop, you’re there to protect the people, not abuse your power.

It sucks that he’s the one that’s being punished when he told the truth. But I am glad we are getting this beautiful Beauty and the Beast story.

It may be good that Ashely has him by her side if any of these threats are serious. We don’t know who set her car on fire yet. I’m not sure if the crazy fan is the one or if he’s burning himself to feel more like her. He’s definitely trying to get close to her, but I’m not entirely sure he’s the one that hurt her.

While we got more of Beau’s background story, we also got to see more of the Cinderella story. I wasn’t sure if the godmother was on to something, except that this is a TV show, so there’s always something. It’s becoming more clear that she’s right.

Simone thinks something happened to her father, and her stepmother and brothers are covering it up. (CBS)

I can’t believe Simone’s (Ashley Madekwe) father would cut her out of the will even though she has been gone for 10 years. And then her stepmother would pay her double what was in the will. Then one of the stepbrothers said if she sticks around, he can’t protect her if there wasn’t something suspicious going on. Simone isn’t going anywhere until she finds out.

I wouldn’t have said this in the first two episodes, but I’m starting to like Jackson (Matt Lauria). He’s a genuinely nice guy. He’s also talented in his own right in music. I feel like the privilege he grew up in and his alcoholic father has made him how he is. I still see potential in him, though. I think Simone (aka Cinderella) can bring it out of him. That’s why I thought he was the Cinderella character because he needs rescuing, and I feel his storyline is about to depend, too.

I hope that is the same for Danielle Campbell (Olivia) and Odette Annable (Maddie).

Tucker is very good at hiding his true self from Maddie. (CBS)

I’m loving this season, and I have very few complaints, but I still wish we got to see more of Danielle. She’s so talented, and the writers are not utilizing her to the fullest yet. Did they not notice what she did in season one? It was incredible. Not to mention The Originals, where I became a fan.

Odette also needs more to work with. Right now, she’s the fiancée of Tucker. And while the impending confrontation might lead to something epic, she doesn’t have much of a story right now.

Their storylines have the potential of building up. Olivia tried to escape and failed, and we don’t know what he does with the girls while they are trapped there. And what will Maddie do when she finds out Olivia is in the basement? It really makes you wonder about guys. Yes, Tucker was acting weird, but the writer’s block and frustration could explain it away. Now that he has his subject, he’s back to being a good boyfriend. It’s terrifying to think about.

How do you feel about Paul Wesely’s Tucker? Is he terrifying you, or are you amazed by him? Or both? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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