‘Tell Me a Story”: The Beauty and the Beast Story Gave us What we Wanted

The moment we’ve been waiting for finally happened between Beauty and the Beast. But that wasn’t before an awkward, “let’s keep it professional” talk and then a superfan trying to kill Ashley.

Ashley took on her superfan. (CBS)

The Superfan used Ashley’s (Natalie Alyn Lind) assistant to get to her. He hid in the trunk of her car and then snuck into the house and took out one of the security guards watching the cameras. And that security guard should absolutely be fired because he was watching sports instead of doing his job.

Beau (Eka Darville) may have been falling for Ashley, but he was still keeping her safe. He saved her in the end. It was pretty intense. Beau was doing everything right, and it still took him a while for him to get to her.

Ashley was fierce, though. She fought him off with anything she could get her hands on. I knew she was tough with how much she has survived so far, but this was beyond that. I hate that we only have one more episode left because I love her.

While the Beauty and the Beast story may have wrapped up with the suspense part, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella have not wrapped up yet.

Tucker doesn’t have enough creativity to create his own stories, so he borrows other people’s. (CBS)

We are finally delving into Tucker’s (Paul Wesley) psyche. And we understand why Tucker takes his victims. He asks them about their lost love so that he can write about it. Since his first book didn’t do well and he has a two-book deal, he’s behind on his deadline.

But he has his own tragic past he could write about. His twin sister died when he was a kid because she fell off the deck and drowned. He should write about that and him dealing with that, not poor innocent young women’s losses.

Sleepy Beauty is definitely the most physiological of the three tales.

Simone discovers the secret her stepmom is hiding. (Connie Chornuk/CBS)

As for Cinderella, Simone (Ashley Madekwe) is still trying to prove her father’s death was foul play by breaking into her father’s business and stealing stuff in the safe. Jackson (Matt Lauria) went along for the ride, and unfortunately, they were caught.

Simone had to promise to leave so her stepmom wouldn’t press charges, but they did find something. Her stepmom was cheating on her father. What is she going to do with it?

With one episode left, these two fairytales are coming to a head, even if it feels like we aren’t there yet. Five episodes were definitely too short for this great season.

What do you think of all three tales so far? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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