‘The Flight Attendant’s’ Past and Present Traumas are Colliding

While expecting a crazy ride from The Flight Attendant, I wasn’t expecting to ball my eyes out.

Cassie continues to spiral out of control. (HBO Max)

Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) started to spiral out of control last week, but she continued to spiral. While she’s made some great progress sorting out what really happened as a child and what she wants to remember, she still is suspected of murder, and there’s an assassin after her.

It’s amazing how Cassie has discovered so much while blindly drinking her way through life. Even Miranda (Michelle Gomez) is quite impressed with her.

Episode six took a little break from the murder mystery and really dived into Cassie’s psyche. She even called Davey (T.R. Knight) from jail to tell him she remembers now. I really liked it when he said it wasn’t okay how their dad treated her.

It really wasn’t. She was a kid. And their father used her as his drinking buddy. And it wasn’t Cassie’s fault he died since he was the adult, but she’s been blaming herself all this time.

The first moment I cried was when she spoke to Davey, but in episode seven, when we see how her father died, I cried again. Not because of what happened, but because of how much Cassie has tortured herself over that moment.

Cassie is working through her childhood trauma. (HBO Max)

Kaley is doing a phenomenal job of making you feel what Cassie is going through. She’s working through her childhood with Alex (Michiel Huisman) in her head. And it’s heartbreaking. It’s also tragic. Her father turned her into an alcoholic and gave her so much PTSD. It’s no wonder waking up next to Alex is trigger this mental breakdown.

But the main story here is, of course, Alex’s murderer and Cassie trying to figure out what happened.

And with a fun twist, the cute out of work actor, Buckley (Colin Woodell), is actually Felix, the assassin.

It makes sense that he’s been keeping her close to find the money. And also, not many of the guys Cassie hangs out with stick around. Maybe that should have been our clue. But I honestly thought he was just this really nice guy who liked Cassie.

While I like going down the rabbit holes of Cassie’s brains, it was nice to bring us back to the murder mystery plot with that twist.

We thought Miranda was the crazy person. I guess she still is. She still has killed people. She just wasn’t the person behind Alex’s, Sabrina or the FBI agent’s death.

Miranda’s plan doesn’t clear Cassie’s name and actually makes her an accessory to another murder. And Agent White (Nolan Gerard Funk) is still certain that it’s her, while Agent Hammond (Merle Dandridge) is not convinced. Hammond is definitely the smarter one. Cassie is completely messed up and needs help, but she didn’t murder the guy she had a one night stand with.

Zosia Mamet’s character Annie is rethinking some of her life choices as Cassie’s mess is pulling them all in. (HBO Max)

I’ve really enjoyed Zosia Mamet’s character, Annie. She’s been a nice more level-headed character to Kaley’s at times crazy one. I’m glad the writers gave her more to work with than just being a lawyer saving Cassie’s ass all the time.

It was an exciting storyline when she had to do a client a favor, but I really loved her scene with Kaley, where she finally called Cassie a drunk and herself a liar. While we did figure out exactly what she did, that was the few times it was blatantly spoken.

These ladies rocked that scene because while it was mostly Cassie falling apart, Annie was too. She didn’t know how to help her alcoholic friend anymore, her boyfriend, who she finally admitted she loves, was lying in the hospital, and she finally realized her life choices too. It was a very revolutionary episode for Annie and Cassie.

And Megan (Rosie Perez) will have to own up to her actions too. Her husband is suspecting her, and it looks like she could be running. Why did she do this again? Was she just bored?

It’s been an intense ride so far, a mind warp, and even sometimes made you really think about childhood trauma and PSTD. I’m still wondering where Cassie’s rock bottom is? Or was episode six it, and before she can seek the help she needs, she has to save herself?

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