The Best Christmas Episodes

“tis’ the damn season,” as Taylor Swift would say. As I did last month, I have created a list of the best Christmas episodes for you to enjoy. Here are the 10 best holiday episodes and some bonus ones for your holiday binge.

10. Gossip Girl, “Roman Holiday” (Season 1: Episode 11)

It’s a shame that Gossip Girl didn’t do more Christmas episodes, “Roman Holiday” is a lot of fun. It has Dan and Serena giving each other the best presents ever, and Blair is her typical self when things don’t go her way. It’s not as much drama as the show’s Thanksgiving episodes, but it brings just the right amount of holiday joy and cuteness mixed in with a dash of drama.

Where to watch: HBO Max

9. Brothers and Sisters, “Light the Lights” (Season 1, Episode 10)

While I’m not Jewish, I do like that Brothers and Sisters had Paige explore her Jewish side by learning about Hanukkah. Who says you can’t celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas? And the Walker family brings all the drama it’s known for, especially in season one when the secrets are just being revealed.

Bonus. Want more Walker drama during the holidays? Check out “Cold Turkey” (Season 5, Episode 10).

Where to watch: Hulu

8. Legacies, “This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent” (Season 2, Episode 8)

Technically “This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent” doesn’t actually take place at Christmas. It’s a Christmas monster using holiday cheer to take down the Salvatore school, and it’s so much fun. It’s an insane amount of the holiday spirit. And we could all use that right now. And if you’re not feeling the cheer, then you can enjoy watching the Christmas monster be vanquished.


Where to watch: Netflix

7. The Big Bang Theory, “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” (Season 2, Episode 11)

All of Big Bang Theory‘s holiday episodes are fun, but there’s none quite like the first one. This is the first time we see Sheldon hug someone and be grateful. He loved Penny’s gift so much that he gave her all the baskets he bought to make sure his gift was equal to hers, plus when that wasn’t enough, she got a hug! Sheldon and Penny’s scenes are the best, and this is where it all started.

For more Big Bang Theory holiday fun, check out “The Maternal Congruence” (Season 3, Episode 11), “The Santa Simulation” (Season 6, Episode 11), “The Cooper Extraction” (Season 7, Episode 11), “The Holiday Summation” (Season 10, Episode 12).

Where to watch: HBO Max

6. The Vampire Diaries, “O Come, All Ye Faithful” (Season 4, Episode 9)

While there is very little holiday cheer in “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” it’s one of my favorite Vampire Diaries episodes, and there’s just something about the way they use Christmas music with the end death scene that feels poetically right. Especially for Klaus.

For more TVD fun this season, check out “Christmas Through Your Eyes” (Season 6, Episode 10), “Cold as Ice” (Season 7, Episode 9), “The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You” (Season 8, Episode 7).

Where to watch: HBO Max & Peacock

5. Pretty Little Liars, “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” (Season 5, Episode 13)

Pretty Little Liars usually did Halloween specials, but in season five, they changed it up, and it was just as much fun as Halloween, and they were even Santa costumes! A is up to her usual tricks, but the liars find some holiday cheer together.

Where to watch: HBO Max

4. How I Met Your Mother, “How Lily Stole Christmas” (Season 2, Episode 11)

There’s always some drama in Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney’s lives during the holidays. But this is not the drama of PLL, TVD, or Gossip Girl. This drama gets played out hilariously. Just like in How I Met Your Mother’s first Christmas episode, where Ted called Lily a “Grinch,” and Lily took down all the decorations, as Marshall is searching all the UPS trucks to get Lily’s gift. But of course, it all ends happily ever after.

For more hilarious drama, check out “Little Minnesota” (Season 4, Episode 11), “False Positive” (Season 6, Episode 12), “Symphony Of Illumination” (Season 7, Episode 12), “The Over-Correction” (Season 8, Episode 10), “The Final Page” (Season 8, Episode 11 & 12).

Where to watch: Hulu

3. Supernatural, “A Very Supernatural Christmas” (Season 3, Episode 8)

Considering Christmas was first a pagan holiday, it’s only fitting that Supernatural‘s Christmas episode has the Winchester’s fighting pagan gods. It’s even a Christmas tree that can kill them! Plus, Sam and Dean exchange gifts they got each other at the gas station. If you can’t spend your holidays with your loved ones, this is probably one of the best episodes to watch.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. New Girl, “LAXmas” (Season 4, Episode 11)

If you want to get in the holiday spirit, look no further than Jessica Day. She’s what makes all of New Girl‘s Christmas episodes good. Either she’s bringing the cheer, or if she’s sad, someone in their group is bound to cheer her up. All of them are worth a binge, but there’s something special about “LAXmas.” They are trying to get to their destinations but are all brought back together, in the end, to help Jess have the courage to take the next step in her relationship.

For more holiday cheer, check out “Santa” (Season 2, Episode 11), “Christmas Eve Eve” (Season 6, Episode 10), “The 23rd” (Season 1, Episode 9).

Where to watch: Netflix

1.Friends, “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” (Season 7, Episode 10)

Once again, Friends tops my holiday episode list! It doesn’t get any better than Ross dressed up as the Holiday Armadillo, Chandler as Santa, and Joey as Superman while Ross tells Ben about the story of Hanukkah. Well, it’s a little revised. This one has Superman in it.

For more of the Friends holiday episodes, check out “The One with Phoebe’s Dad” (Season 2, Episode 9), “The One Where Rachel Quits” (Season 3, Episode 10), “The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie” (Season 4, Episode 10), “The One with the Inappropriate Sister” (Season 5, Episode 10), “The One with the Routine” (Season 6, Episode 10), “The One with the Creepy Holiday Card” (Season 8, Episode 11), “The One with Christmas in Tulsa (Season 9, Episode 10).

Where to watch: HBO Max

What are your favorite holiday episodes? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Update: 12/12/22

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