‘Walker’ Gives Us a Big Reveal

What started as a quiet episode turned into a big revelation.

We may have thought we were done with Emily’s case, but we didn’t have all the facts. It was heartbreaking enough that she died, but to find out a friend of the Walkers covered it up, that’s just gut-wrenching.

Stan acted like a friend of the Walkers, but clearly, money and corruption are more important to him. (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW)

I hope this news gets released before the election. We don’t need a dirty DA. Not to say that Liam (Keegan Allen) won’t win outright. That’s what I’m rooting for, but no one wants to vote for someone and find out they killed someone and interfered in cases.

Stan (Jeffrey Nordling) has been acting sketchy, but I never thought it could be this big. When the reporter started pushing for answers and Stan didn’t have any, I knew that the poor guy would end up dead. And Stan just walks right back into the Walker house, washes his hands, and offers Abeline (Molly Hagan) his home for her and Bonham’s (Mitch Pileggi) vow renewal. The audacity of this man!

It does make for great entertainment, though. I’m so angry right now, and I do love it when the writers make me feel.

While Stan was making an absolute mess, Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) talked to Carlos Mendoza (Joe Perez) and found out that Stan helped cover up his wife’s murder. It’s got to be one of the biggest betrayals to have a friend do that to you. And just like that, Cordi snaps back to his old Ranger ways. Not that I’m complaining. I like when he paints outside the lines.

He should have called Micki (Lindsey Morgan) and told her right away, but then what fun would that be.

What lines will Cordell cross to get justice for his family? (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW)

While I saw the reporter getting killed, I did not see Stan’s two goons crashing Cordell’s car, taking him hostage, and having him bury the body.

I loved that as Walker watched Stan and the one guy argue, he waited for his moment to make a move. This situation called for shooting first and answering questions later. But now the tables have turned, and he’s taking Stan hostage. The writers are kind of blowing my mind. I just wish we didn’t have to wait until August 12 to see how this wraps up. The season finale is going to be intense.

“Dig” wasn’t all this extreme. The episode was aptly named, by the way. Geri (Odette Annable) was back! I loved seeing Cordell get all giggly as he was texting with her. She had a big smile on her face too. And I can’t blame that high school boy for flirting with her.

Auggie (Kale Culley) struck out with Ruby (Madelyn Kientz). Sadly, but she was coming on strong. And Stella (Violet Brinson) is probably right, Isabel (Gabriela Flores) was perhaps the right choice, but she’s off to Mexico to see her parents for the summer. I guess there’s always next year, Aug.

There were a lot of great Liam moments. He has to become DA! He would make a lot of change. This is going to be such a great storyline for him. All I’ve wanted for him is to have his own storyline. Not just always be helping his family. He deserves that.

And Stella has gotten so introspective after everything. She asked Liam if he would have let her dad become a Ranger again after everything that happened. Stella knows how to hit hard. Plus, she’s thinking about Trevor and how she can’t separate the good from the bad moments, which is fair.

Maybe what Stella needs is just a summer to work on herself. Nothing fancy, just some good old-fashioned self-care.

Micki and Cordell just having a conversation about birth control and work/life balance. (Rebecca Brenneman/The CW)

The writers scared us for a second when they had Trey (Jeff Pierre) second-guessing his relationship with Micki because of his mom.

You don’t go messing with our Tricki! This relationship is sacred.

But they are on the same page about kids. Micki thinks Cordell is wrong, and there can be a work/life balance. If anyone can find it, it’s badass Micki.

I love that they have these meaningful conversations. They may start with talking to Cordell all the time, but they have good communication. It’s nice to see healthy communication.

I loved that the writers had Micki talking about missing her birth control pills to Cordell, and he wasn’t weird about it. That’s a sign of a man that can handle that kind of conversation. This show just has it all.

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