‘Roswell, New Mexico’: Please Say [Spoiler] is Not Dead!

We’re only four episodes into this season, and Roswell, New Mexico, is breaking out hearts.

This season we’ve been searching for who dies in Maria’s (Heather Hemmens) vision. At first, we thought it was Max (Nathan Parsons) since he’s already dying. Then, we thought it was Michael (Michael Vlamis) for a moment, but nothing was clear.

More scenes like this vision quest, please! (John Golden Britt/The CW)

Isobel (Lily Cowles) decides to use a drug that helps veterans with PTSD. It enabled Maria to unlock her memories. This seemed to be like a fun side storyline for the episode. Jeanine Mason was absolutely hilarious in the vision quest.

Isobel thought she would be the guide, but it was Liz (Jeanine). We haven’t had enough of her this season. So, this was a fun way to get more of her in Roswell. I’m totally here for more trips that have her in a rabbit hat acting all goofy. We knew she was great at the drama, but who knew she was just as great at comedy, the goofy, silly kind of comedy. It looked like so much fun filming these scenes. Jeanine confirmed it was fun:

While all this content was so much fun, we knew they were searching for real answers. We forgot for a moment because it didn’t feel serious. We had a lot of serious stuff going on around this, though.

Then in the last five minutes, everything hits. Maria’s vision of the funeral became less blurry. We were jumping back and forth between Liz and Heath (Steven Krueger), and Kyle (Michael Trevino) and Jordan (Michael Grant Terry). It was so intense.

Our Kyle can’t be dead! (John Golden Britt/The CW)

Rosa (Amber Midthunder) is crying, so Isobel and Maria think it’s Liz, especially when Max goes up to share a few words and can’t bring himself to stay anything, but then Liz walks in.

While that is happening, Liz is telling Heath she’s quitting her job because she’s finally found a way to help people without doing harm.

Kyle is sticking up for the people who can’t stick up for themselves and gets in a fight with Jordan.

Maria and Isobel go to the coffin and see the Valenti code of arms. Then “Only the Beginning” by Unsecret and Moonwater comes on. It heightens the next moments so much. Kyle gets shoved, and there’s a piece of metal through him. Jordan runs away. Max pulls up and tells Isobel to call an ambulance while on the phone with her. We see his jeep’s lights flicker. At the same time, Liz and Heath are arguing about her quitting. Lights start flickering in her apartment, and she starts to look uneasy and passes out! Her handprint on her chest also starts to glow.

Is Max going to try to save Kyle? Did Jones heal him already? The writers aren’t really going to kill off Kyle, right? Michael Trevino has been killing it this season.

Plus, we want more of him with Michael. I loved him working with Michael to fix his father’s radio. All to hear a message from his grandfather saying to walk away, that no other Valenti needs to make that sacrifice. His grandfather wasn’t talking about aliens, apparently. Or maybe he was too. He was talking about any marginalized group. If Kyle is dead, he died sticking up for immigrants. He’s a hero. I love Kyle so much. He’s fighting for everyone that can’t fight for themselves, and he’s always there to help his friends. I will be devastated if he leaves the show.

Will Max let Jones save him? ( John Golden Britt/The CW)

While we were discovering out who dies, Jones was searching for information about Max. He may be telling the truth. He just wants to help “his boy,” as he called him. He tried to save Max from Nora (Kayla Ewell) and Louise (Cassandra Jean Amell). It seems way too easy that Jones can heal him, and everything is good again. Maybe we were so worried about Jones being good or bad that we weren’t worrying enough about who dies. It almost seemed like it would be another townsperson. Who knew it would be one of our beloved characters.

Damn, Roswell, New Mexico writers. You can’t break our hearts and take our Kyle away!

At least we got Liz being hilarious in a dreamscape and looking damn good dancing with Heath. We got some moments of relief before the writers ripped out our hearts, and we were left worried about Kyle’s fate.

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