‘Roswell, New Mexico’: There’s Another Alien in Town, and He’s [Spoiler’s] Friend

Roswell, New Mexico, has been doing a great job at the cliffhangers this season. Week after week, they leave us gapping at the screen, wanting to know what will happen next. But then, we have to wait until the following Monday to find out.

I’m so glad that Steven Krueger (Heath) is more than just Liz’s (Jeanine Mason) rebound and lab partner. I would never have guessed that he had an alien friend of his own.

Isobel creates a life for herself, starting with how she likes her eggs and a hot date. (John Golden Britt/The CW)

I loved how this episode was constructed. Isobel (Lily Cowles), Maria (Heather Hemmens) and Gregory (Tanner Novlan) were hunting for another alien, while Liz and Max (Nathan Parsons) were going to retrieve her research. Even though both were definitely serious matters, it was a lot of fun to watch.

Isobel was a little manic in this episode. However, I liked how driven she was, even if she would have driven me insane in real life. Her hair was super cute too. She was on a mission while Maria and Gregory were trying to find some alone time, but she kept butting in.

Maria and Gregory make a good team. There were able to find out a lot of information for Isobel while also tearing off their clothes in a sexy love scene. Maria deserved that!

Maria also gave Isobel some great advice. She really does need to figure out what’s in this for her. The fact that she doesn’t even know how she likes her eggs is really sad, but that is a very good starting point.

She did heed Maria’s advice by asking Anatsa (Sibongile Mlambo) out. She should get something for herself too.

Max and Liz discover that there is another alien in town.
Max and Liz discover that there is another alien in town. And, he’s heather’s friend. (John Golden Britt/The CW)

While they were tracking down the alien, Max and Liz were on a road trip to LA. It was so cute seeing them together again. There are many issues they have to deal with before they can get back together, but they were able to have some fun together.

I loved how Max and Liz found about the truth about Heath at the same time Isobel did. Everything comes full circle.

I never believed for a second that Heath was a bad guy. Lying to Liz about the patient he was working on. Stealing her spores, her tapes, and then even poisoning Kyle (Michael Trevino). I thought, he must have a reason. And he did. The same reason Liz has. He has an alien friend he needs to save.

Liz lied to him for the exact same reasons. It wasn’t her secret to tell. And as Max said, it puts himself and his family in danger. This alien may not have a family but Heath definitely didn’t want to risk his friend’s life.

We met Dallas (Quentin Plair) a couple of weeks ago in “Goodnight Elizabeth,” and I liked him, but I was wary of him for good reasons. I want to trust him. He seems like a really nice man, but after Jones, it’s hard to trust.

Speaking of Jones. He’s still impersonating Max. And he’s hunted down Heath! Even if Heath is trying to save his best friend, I don’t think he’s that versed in aliens. Maybe in the science but not the danger some of them pose.

I hope Jones doesn’t kill him, I would like to see more of him. So here we go again, holding our breath, hoping he’ll be okay. Let’s be glad we got a little breather last week. We got a win at the end instead of a cliffhanger.

While Liz, Max and Isobel discovered the other alien, Alex (Tyler Blackburn), hallucinated Nora (Kayla Ewell). He knows that happens and still spent two straight days researching the machine. I did not like how long the writers had him standing on that ledge. I was waiting for Michael (Michael Vlamis) to come in and save the day. It just didn’t happen as fast as I would have liked.

I did like Michael breaking into a secret facility to save his man. We are getting all the Malex content we ever wanted now. Please keep it coming!

They also make a great team. It didn’t take long for Alex and Michael to fix the machine. So why weren’t they paired up on this assignment before? Bureaucracy.

And Kyle is awake! It’s about damn time.

It was nice seeing him get to know his uncle and learning about what happened to his father. He can finally step outside of his dad’s shadow and create a path for himself. I love how stubborn he is. He’s not stepping away now. Not that he’s in so deep. Plus, of course, his suggestion for testing what he was injected with worked. He is a valuable asset. I loved when he said, “No one is more qualified at ET shenanigans than me.” The one-liners can be so good on this show.

What do you think Jones’ plans for Heath are? Will he survive his encounter with the dictator? Tweet me @PrimetimeDrama or @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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