“Roswell, New Mexico’: Can They Save Max and Liz from Jones?

Another Roswell, New Mexico episode, another ending leaving me staring at the screen, saying, What? No.

Can Max and Liz Be saved?
Will they be able to save Max and Liz from Jones? (John Golden Britt/The CW)

Jones (Nathan Parsons) has Liz (Jeanine Mason) and Heath (Steven Krueger), and now Dallas (Quentin Plair) may have to kill Max. The intensity is all way up to the max, pun intended. Isobel (Lily Cowles), Michael (Michael Vlamis), Liz and Kyle (Michael Trevino) will do everything in their power to save Max. Max is a main character. He can’t die, right?

Kyle is feeling the stress just as much as we are. First, he burned Isobel and Max’s files to protect their identity and got arrested for it. Then, Dallas tells him that Dallas might be the one who will have to kill Max. I think Kyle has enough on his plate already. Now, he has to carry the weight of his secret, too. But Kyle takes his oath as a doctor very seriously. How will this affect him going forward? Will he show signs of erratic behavior as he tries to keep his oath but save his friend in the process?

This episode was very Max-centric since the goal of talking to Dallas was to get him to listen to the message and save their friend.

Can Michael save Max and Liz?
I always love seeing Michael’s vulnerable side. (The CW)

I love the way the writers are weaving this storyline. It’s forcing Michael to face his past and talk about it. I like the tough guy, Michael, but I love the vulnerable side of him even more. His past has left him with scars. He thinks he’s not good enough, but he’s a freakin genius. He could have done anything he wanted to do. He still could.

It was so moving as he was talking to Dallas about his experience in foster homes. At nine, his foster parents thought he was possessed and then the devil. That’s so heartbreaking. This boy has such a big heart. It’s no wonder he doesn’t like to show it.

That led to an incredible scene with Alex (Tyler Blackburn), Michael telling Alex he’s home. I love every moment with these two on the screen.

Michael connecting to Dallas on their shared experience was always the way they should have played it. But Michael had to be left to the last resort to bring up his past trauma. I can’t blame the guy.

I loved the moment between Kyle and Isobel when Kyle told her he shouldn’t have made her doubt herself. These are high stakes here. How do you tell someone they are an alien and get them to trust you to utilize them to receive a message? They are all just trying to figure it out.

While Isobel and Michael were trying to connect with Dallas, Liz and Max were still trying to find Heath. And they did, with Jones.

Heath was definitely deceitful to Liz, but I’ve never felt any ill will against him. I’m not sure if the writers intended that to be my reaction or not. Although Liz was angry at first, it took her some time to realize their goals were the same, and they betrayed each other.

Can Max be saved?
How will Max save Liz? (John Golden Britt/The CW)

It was a significant moment when Liz convinced Heath to give her the research, and then he wanted to stay, so Jones didn’t kill them. But, unfortunately, that wasn’t Max walking in. It was Jones. We should rip off their shirts every time they come into a room to see if he has tattoos or not. That’s the only way we are ever going to know for sure. Or have Liz kiss him. I love that it took two seconds for her to realize it wasn’t Max. But now, Heath, Liz and the sheriff are all riding off in a car with Jones. This will make it very hard to keep Isobel, Max, Michael and Dallas’ secret.

I’m all for Malex having sex, but did it have to be when Max called to tell them Jones has Liz? The writers are setting us up for another intense episode.

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