‘Roswell, New Mexico’: How Will They Defeat Jones?

No matter what they do, they always seem to be one step behind Jones. He’s just too powerful.

How will they defeat Jones?
Can they defeat Jones? (John Golen Britt / The CW)

Roswell, New Mexico, left us with another cliffhanger. This time Liz (Jeanine Mason), Max (Nathan Parsons), Michael (Michael Vlamis), Isobel (Lily Cowles) and Dallas (Quentin Plair) are all stuck inside Jones’ mind. That is definitely not a place I would want to be. He’s too calm and methodical. He’s unstoppable.

Heath (Steven Krueger) is new to all this, but he still got a message out to his old camp that got to Dallas. That was pretty brave to do that. Then, Rosa (Amber Midthunder) helped Isobel get her mom’s sword. Michael even got a pep talk from Sanders (Nicholas Ballas). He needed that. He has all the same powers as Jones, but he hasn’t tapped into them in fear of becoming his father.

Will we get to see Michael test the limits of his powers in the season finale? I hope we do. That will be incredible. He’s already a genius, and for him to have powers that match Jones, that will be the key to stopping him.

Can Liz defeat Jones?
What does Liz have up her sleeve to defeat Jones? (John Golen Britt / The CW)

Liz tried to get her and Heath out, but of course, Jones had the sheriff under mind control, but Michael was able to push Jones out. Not in enough times for them to escape, though.

It was a killer sword fight between Jones and Isobel. It’s a shame she lost, but she did pretty damn well with no training. Imagine if she trains with her mom’s sword. She’ll be the unstoppable one.

One of the things Roswell, New Mexico, has been doing so well this season is the one-on-one scenes. We had a lot with Dallas and Max this week. Dallas has been speaking to God about killing Max. I loved that he concluded that God wants him to save Max and that Max dying to save everyone else would hurt the people he loves. Max has been ready to die for a while now but seeing him realize what he would be leaving behind was incredible acting by Nathan. You could see him realizing he still has to fight and let go of this notion of dying to save everyone.

Michael and Sanders also had a great scene together. As I said earlier, he needed that pep talk. It’s so sad that Michael doesn’t see the person that he is. Michael has such a big heart. I’ve compared him to a teddy bear before. Sanders said he has puppy dog eyes with a cowboy hat. That is a very true statement. Michael has already heard from Alex that he’s not like his father, but maybe he needed to hear it from someone else. I’m sure when Isobel told him he’s nothing like Noah or Jones, it made him feel better. He’s been so worried to tell his siblings that he has these powers when they are the powers that will help them defeat Jones.

Rosa helping the team defeat Jones.
Is Rosa really leaving? (John Golen Britt / The CW)

Rosa and Wyatt (Dylan McTee) also had a good scene together. It was bittersweet. Is Rosa leaving? I want her to follow her dreams, but I love how much her character has grown. We can’t lose her now. She’s just becoming part of the team. Wyatt is leaving, but he’s exiting the show a better person. Rosa accidentally erasing his memory was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Next week is the two-hour season finale event. Will they defeat Jones or will we be left with yet another cliffhanger? Tweet me @Primetimedrama or @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

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