‘Roswell, New Mexico”s Most Epic Season Yet

An epic finale for an epic season. So many twists, turns and tears. I had no idea where the season three finale of Roswell, New Mexico would end.

Quite an epic season for Kyle.
Kyle had an intense ride this season. (John Golden Britt / The CW)

This has got to be the most intense season yet. I’m relieved we didn’t get a major cliffhanger. Almost every single episode this season had one. However, we did get a minor one. Shiri Appleby from the original Roswell is returning, and when she gets drunk, she talks about people from the sky, and she was Liz’s (Jeanine Mason) teacher? Not only that, it appears Jones did get a message out. Another alien has awoken, and he’s sent them after Liz. Well, as Michael (Michael Vlamis) said, I’ll leave those mysteries for another time. There’s so much to unpack with these two episodes.

It was an epic battle to defeat Jones. Isobel (Lily Cowles) was incredible getting them out of the mindscape, but then Dallas (Quentin Plair) got caught in the crossfire, literally. Luckily, as Isobel said, she has an alien physician on speed dial. Kyle (Michael Trevino) was able to save Dallas. And it looks like we get to keep him. He joined Isobel, Max and Michael at the end for acetone margaritas. But that’s getting way ahead of everything else.

Sticking on Kyle for a moment. He was incredible in this episode. All season he’s been saving the day, giving great advice and almost dying constantly. He almost died a few times in this episode too. Next season, the writers need to give him a break on the almost dying front. My heart can’t take much more. And they put him through all of that, he’s the best friend ever, and then we see him walking away sad because he admits his feelings for Isobel to Maria (Heather Hemmens), and Isobel is celebrating with her new girl. That can’t last long right? Not that I’m not all for Isobel being bi, but we’ve hardly even got to know the woman, and Kyle deserves all the happiness in the world. It was quite fun when Isobel felt something coming off Kyle but couldn’t figure out the emotion. I guess she hasn’t figured the “into you vibe” yet.

Isobel also had an intense episode. She was trying too hard to be like her mother. A constant theme in this show. Either trying to live up or defeat parents. Isobel is powerful in her own right. But as I said weeks ago, it was going to take everyone of them to defeat Jones. And that’s exactly what happened. It took a pack, as Isobel called them. And Isobel also became stronger from leaning into the team. I loved her monologue about trying to be a lone wolf because she thought that would protect her and make her stronger. What she realized was she didn’t have to do it alone. None of us have to do it alone.

An epic season for Maria.
Maria is starting to get a handle on her powers. (John Golden Britt / The CW)

Maria has had her own amazing storyline this season. Her powers have become stronger, and she’s starting to get a handle on them. In the finale, Maria figured out someone was hurt in the junkyard and was able to get to Michael in time to save him. And then, she gave up her bracelet to help Isobel mend her mother’s sword. That was pretty incredible. I love how everyone is family on this show. I also love when they come together to help each other. Maria had just found out horrible news about her mother and instead of being afraid, she took off the bracelet helped them defeat Jones and she has faith that Liz will save her with her science. I completely lost it in that scene.

There are so many incredible powerful women on this show. Liz is definitely one of them. She has no powers, but she has her science and is super intelligent. It’s quite incredible the things she’s able to do. Especially in duress. She managed to make the science work to separate Jones and Max (Nathan Parsons) and make it so they could kill him. Then that scene at the end after Jones kept going between both bodies was intense. There was no way of telling who was who. But Liz figured it out, like she always done. That wasn’t the only intense Echo moment, though. The other one was much happier. We discovered that they have loved each other since the playground, and they block out the noise for each other. It’s such a beautiful relationship.

Echo had a pretty epic season.
It was a tough road for Max and Liz, but maybe they have found their happily ever after. (John Golden Britt / The CW)

Malex also had two scenes together. Alex (Tyler Blackburn) wouldn’t let Michael say, “I love you,” until they defeated Jones. It was once again a scene where Michael was vulnerable. He was afraid what would happen if he had to kill his father. Lucikly, Alex also has a monstrous father that they defeated last season. And even better, Max ended up killing him. He didn’t have to carry around that weight, and Malex finally had their first date! Definitely worth the wait.

Last but not least Max. Or should we just say, Nathan? Since he was on double duty playing two people. He went from Max to Jones so seamlessly. Jones was so calculated and Nathan played that so well. And then Max wanted to die to defeat Jones, and he’s also giving Heath (Steven Krueger) great advice, and he’s also having tender moments with Liz. Great work from Nathan. He didn’t miss a beat.

Great work from the entire cast this season. It’s definitely the best season yet. It was so intense, but I also fell in love with everyone even more. I’m sad that the season is over, but excited for what’s next.

I’m also super happy that Rosa (Amber Midthunder) gets a second chance at life. She’s grown so much since she came back.

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