‘The Resident’: We’re Still In Denial Over Nic, Just Like Conrad

I’m still not sure how I feel about The Resident without Nic Nevin. There are still a lot of characters I like, but Emily VanCamp has left a serious hole.

Conrad couldn't let go of his denial over Nic.
Conrad got GiGi tested for a rare condition in hopes that it would give him an answer to what happened to Nic. (FOX)

We’re four episodes into season five, and I’m still not used to Nic’s (Emily) absence. Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) isn’t either. Maybe his denial is supposed to help us ease into a show without our favorite nurse practitioner. I am a long-time fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching from season one when it was on season four, caught up, and watched ever since. We all know how many actors have left that show. So, I’ll probably get past Nic being gone. It doesn’t help that I’m a huge fan of Emily. She just needs to do something else so I can follow her there, but as per a recent interview she did, it doesn’t appear it will be a TV show anytime soon.

Back to Conrad. Broken Conrad. CoNic was epic. It’s no surprise he’s in denial, searching for answers. Plus, being a doctor, science is the thing they understand. They can rationalize it. But, unfortunately, there was no medical reason for Nic’s death but is it possible she swerved for a dear. Was that the closure Hawkins needed at the end seeing that little Bambi? I could see Nic swerving for a dear. No one will ever know the actual answer, but that seems to be the closest we’re going to get.

I’m still living for the scenes with Conrad and GiGi. Nic lives on through her. Keep these scenes coming, and get Conrad back into the ER doing what he does best, solving mystery cases that can be solved.

AJ becomes a mentor for Trevor.
AJ takes Trevor under his wing. (FOX)

There were a few storylines to follow in this episode. I always love Dr. AJ Austin’s (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) arcs. He has so many words of wisdom. I’m pretty happy when he’s on my screen. I kind of like the bond he’s started with Trevor (Miles Fowler). The young man needs a role model, and he couldn’t do any better than AJ. They had one outing together, and AJ taught him a vital lesson. Yeah, the cop was an ass for pulling them over, but AJ saved him. One because that’s his job and two, as he said, he will be better than the things wrong with the world. That’s the way to be. And I know even if Trevor got shot, it wasn’t his fault, but he needed a lesson in handling being in front of a police officer. Until the police force receives a complete overhaul, he has to calm that temper and stay cool in that situation, so he doesn’t get his life taken from him.

It breaks my heart how painful it is for Dr. Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas) to see AJ and Trevor together. I’m glad she finally told AJ, though. He can at least understand why she doesn’t want to have a relationship with the son she gave up. How does she tell Trevor about his father? Would that do him any good in knowing? It certainly didn’t do Dr. Jo Wilson on Grey’s any good. But after Dr. Leela Devi (Anuja Joshi) said that people want to know the truth no matter what, will that change Sutton’s view? Her situation is much more complex than that, but it felt like a moment between them, and this storyline is not going anywhere. Something must happen between Trevor and Sutton, and it looks like the writers are pointing towards her telling him the truth about his father.

Conrad is in denial over Nic.
Conrad is having a hard time accepting Nic is gone.

I have really liked the addition of Leela, especially since we lost Nic. Not that she replaces Emily, but just to have another female. She is super intelligent. While reporting, the old doctor, Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal), told her not to leave any paper trail or to say anything she could be quoted on. She took that to heart and told Dr. Kit Voss (Jane Leeves) in some sort of morse code using chips. I love how Kit understood everything Leela was saying and then looked into it. Then, of course, she called on her trustworthy partner in crime, Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood). It was awkward for him because the doctor in question was one of his friends. But in just one surgery, Bell found the evidence Kit was looking for. Unfortunately, firing him was too complicated, so Bell played squash with the guy. That was pretty smart to show him that his vision is not up to par anymore. It was brutal, but it got the man to retire.

This was an interesting story arc. It highlighted how much Bell has changed since season one, and it showed how great Kit and Bell work together. However, I’m not sure Kit is ready for them to take the next step. The look on her face when Bell said her opinion was the most important to him seemed to spark something. I hope she gets over whatever that pause was. The writers have made us wait long enough. I’m ready for this ship.

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