‘All American’: I Want All Our Boys Back On The Field Together

All American’s “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” episode had a pretty brutal ending, but does it need to be? The answer seems right in front of us. Get our boys back on the same team again. Coach Montes (Kamar de los Reyes) wanted Asher Adams (Cody Christian) to recruit them. So, let’s do that.

Spencer James, JJ Parker and Jordan Baker
Can we have our boys back on the same team? (The CW)

As soon as I saw the promo for this week, I thought that’s perfect. It would be nice to have them playing on the same field again. And better yet, have Ash coaching them. It seems like the easiest next step. Montes is ready to scoop them up. I don’t know much about football, so not sure if they would be starting like there were at GAU, but at least they would have a career. As it stands now for the promo next week, it’s looking pretty bleak for the team.

As fun as it was watching Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) sell these players on GAU. And Jordan Baker (Michael Evans Behling) celebrating with Layla Keating (Greta Onieogou) that he got his players first, I kept thinking, will this all be for nothing? We knew Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) would release her article. She’s too stubborn not to. Plus, she does have a point. Coach Garrett (Sean Carrigan) did need to be stopped. But Spence had a point, too, that it didn’t have to be her. So, glad she listened to that part, but it wasn’t Spencer she was listening to. It was her editor.

Garrett said an ominous thing when he packed up and left his office. He told Kenny Boone (Mustafa Speaks) he did it for the good of the program. How can hurting players on other teams be for the good of the program? This probably didn’t start with Garrett. He probably executed it — especially seeing how much the Athletic Director, Rick Barnes (Morris Chestnut), wanted to kill the story. Plus, Garrett warned Liv that releasing the article would ruin Spencer and Jordan’s careers. He didn’t seem like a man that was worried about himself. Though, Liv took it that way. She worried a little but felt so strongly that the article needed to come out. I believe it’s a much bigger thing than Garrett.

Olivia Baker and Spencer James as the story comes out.
Olivia Baker and Spencer James as the story comes out. (The CW)

It may be time for Asher to step in and save his boys. I get that he wants to wait for them to come to him, but they are both too stubborn for that.

I do believe all of them at Coastal is where we are headed. Coach Montes asked Ash to recruit them. Then, Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) said the boys would have two options: to stay and wait it out, or transfer. (Granted, the latter seemed like an ominous choice.) Neither of them will want to be on the sidelines for two years. At Coastal, they would at least get a chance to play. And have Ash coach them. It seems like an excellent option for the storyline.

Then maybe all three of them can get JJ Parker (Hunter Clowdus) under control. It wasn’t a cry for help like Layla suggested. Instead, he was upset his boys weren’t partying with him and were trying to get him to stop. But if he doesn’t, I worry about what could happen to him.

Does anyone else think that Spence and Jordan are headed to Coastal?

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