Green Arrow Saves The Flash’s Final Season

It’s no secret that The Flash’s final season is disappointing fans. There have been three filler episodes. Four if you include the season premiere. A small arc with the Red Death and another one-off episode with Stephen Amell returning as the Green Arrow — honestly, the best episode of the season.

Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin as the Green Arrow and The Flash
The Green Arrow returns to The Flash (The CW)

Only four episodes are left, so The Flash is running out of time to save this season. It’s unfortunate that the final season was phoned in. While the last couple of seasons have gone downhill, that didn’t mean it couldn’t finish strong, especially after five excellent seasons. New Girl was going downhill and then did a time jump for the final season and revitalized it. I was left wanting more. I had hoped The Flash would finish strong and leave me wanting more. Now, I’m glad it’s ending and have little hope of the last four fixing this mess.

But we did get to see Stephen Amell back again as Oliver Queen. This may be what The Flash season nine is remembered for — even if it’s partially because we are blocking out the rest of the season. Either way, this was a great episode that Danielle Panabaker directed. So it wasn’t just Stephen Amell that saved The Flash. It was Stephen and Danielle.

John Diggle, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Wally West in The Flash.
One last team-up in the Arrowverse. (The CW)

It was a great reunion for many characters. We got Oliver giving one of his speeches to Barry (Grant Gustin) (which I needed so much) and a sweet hug between Oliver and John Diggle (David Ramsey). I really felt that one. He’s missed Oliver just as much as we have. And Barry got to reunite with Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale).

This was the only justifiable one-off episode. It was so much fun, and it focused on Barry and Oliver. It was a little ironic that Barry kept being told he was the star of the show and the most important person when he had not been the focus of some of the episodes this season. But maybe this is a sign we are returning to what the show should be about, Barry Allen, The Flash.

The Flash is an ensemble cast, but it’s weird when the title character is put into the background or only bookends the episode. If the final season was the regular 22 episodes, it might not have been as noticeable, but with only 13, it’s hard not to notice that we don’t have a final arc or even a final villain.

Oliver Queen hugging Barry Allen
Stephen Amell returns to The Flash. (The CW)

Given that this is not just the end of The Flash but the end of the Arrowverse, it makes sense that the Green Arrow would return for one last battle. It was so much fun seeing him fight again and saving the day with his bow yet again. It felt just like old times, especially with Dig there. It’s a shame Felicity Smoak couldn’t have joined, but I’ll take this.

I’ll be forever grateful for one final look at Oliver Queen. And if The Flash doesn’t end strong in the last four episodes, we’ll always have this Green Arrow episode. It will be The Flash’s final season with the Green Arrow and nothing else.

The Flash airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on The CW.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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