Walker Introduced Season 4 With 2 Mysterious

Since season one, Walker has introduced a storyline for the following season. It’s typically someone after Cordell Walker. Season three is carrying on the same tradition, with a slight twist.


Liam and Cordell in Walker
The Walker family has a new enemy to face in season four. (The CW(

When in Walker season three, episode 17, two characters were introduced that wanted something with the Walker family, it was clear Walker needed a season four. It’s lucky that The CW renewed the series just before the season finale. It would have been awful if that’s how it ended.

While we know the guy we met at the college party and the park ranger want something with the Walker family, it wasn’t the Walker home that they broke into. It was Geri’s (Odette Annable) home. Stella Walker (Violet Brinson) currently lives with Geri, so one Walker does live there. Even though they said Stella’s vulnerability could be beneficial to them, it’s still curious that she’s the first target.

Of course, they couldn’t have guessed that Stella would accidentally shoot the guy in self-defense. Just when Stella’s life is back on track, this could ruin it all.

I was starting to be suspicious of Sadie (Saylor Bell Curda) since she was the one who got Stella to go to the college party and introduced her to the guy. Then, in the season finale, she told Stella not to call the police, acting like they could be blamed for the shooting. But the house had been ransacked, and the guy wore a mask. So, why is Sadie not wanting to get the police involved?

At least Stella went to Liam Walker (Keegan Allen). But when they returned, the body was gone. It didn’t look like the guy would survive that, so did someone come and remove the body? This could only mean they will hold the murder over the family, even though it was self-defense.

Geri and Cordell dancing on Walker.
Geri and Cordell share a dance at the wedding. (The CW)

I like that Stella is being brought into the mystery without being attached to a guy. I like the Romeo and Juliet story they had, but Stella is much more than that, and I’m glad the show is doing interesting things with her character.

But this isn’t the only mystery Walker set up. A serial killer that Cordell (Jared Padalecki) and Captain James (Coby Bell) worked on before the show started has resurfaced. It ruined James’ marriage, which is great timing when he just got back together with Kelly (Kearran Giovanni). It seems personal, so even if James doesn’t get involved again, you know Cordell will wrap himself in it until he gets the person.

If season four ends up being the final season, this is a great case to finish the series with — Cordell closing an old case. Walker feels like it has many seasons left, but with how The CW is now, it could end sooner than we would like.

It was also fun seeing Justin Johnson Cortez from Walker: Independence guest star as Detective Sonny Alcala. With the Walker spin-off ending, it’s opening the door for Justin to become a part of the original show. He’s a detective, so that’s different than the Rangers we’re used to. It will be a nice addition to the show.

By May 18, we should know if Walker season four will premiere in the fall or spring. But with the writers’ strike, it’s unclear when it will premiere. Regardless, I’m excited about what Walker has set up for next season.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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