Walker Needs A Season 4

The last couple of episodes felt like Walker could be nearing its end, but now there is someone else after the Walker family, meaning season three could end on a cliffhanger. This means Nexstar has to give us a season four.


Cordell Walker and Captain James on Walker.
Cordell Walker and Captain James celebrate James getting remarried. (The CW)

The Forrest Ranger the guys met on their camping trip, and the boy Stella Walker (Violet Brinson) met in a diner to discuss the Walker family. They appear to be working for someone, but what they want from the Walkers is unclear. It has an ominous tone, but Walker could be tricking us. Then again, since the end of season one, there’s almost always been someone targeting the Walkers, and it usually starts at the end of a season.

If this is where the writers are going with the story again, we need a season four. We can’t end on a cliffhanger. But, unfortunately, there’s no word on if Walker will get renewed. Nexstar is going in a new direction of acquisitions and reality shows. All American is the only CW show that has been renewed, and only two to three more will get another season, and seven shows are waiting to hear. The Winchesters wrapped up its story just in case it didn’t get a second season. It felt like Walker could be doing the same thing with the last couple of episodes, but now with this new development, it’s unclear if the story is ending.

Two new characters meet to discuss the Walkers.
Two new characters meet to discuss the Walkers. (The CW)

These two mysterious people may not mean the Walkers any harm. The boy mentions Stella’s a dreamer, which makes her vulnerable, which is good for their boss. She also notes what a tight group they are and that the wedding is a good opportunity. So it all feels nefarious.

Could Sadie Yoo (Saylor Bell Curda), Hoyt’s daughter, be in on this too? She’s the one who suggested the college party where the boy was. If she’s not in on it, she could have been their way in. Maybe Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) was right to be cautious about her. It seemed odd that Hoyt’s daughter showed up suddenly. It felt nostalgic at first, but that was more because of the flashbacks of Hoyt. Now it’s curious that Sadie introduced Stella to a guy seeking information about her.

Stella and Auggie Walker. (The CW)

Whatever this new storyline is, it doesn’t feel like it can be solved in one episode. Especially when the promo shows only the wedding and preparation for it, this feels like leading to a cliffhanger to which we may never get the answer.

Walker is one of the most likely shows to get renewed because of the ratings. But with All American being renewed, would the network want to renew All American: Homecoming too? Superman & Lois seems safe because James Gunn said it had one to two seasons left. But I’m still hoping it gets moved to HBO Max, where it can have a bigger budget. We should know if Walker will get another season by May 18, when The CW announces its fall line-up.

With its amazing cast, Walker has so much more life in it, so it deserves a season four, not just because of the possible cliffhanger. So tune in Thursday at 8 pm ET to see how the season ends and what exactly these two mysterious people are up to.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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