‘Chicago PD’ Review: That’s Intelligence’s Girl, Nadia

R.I.P. Nadia, you will be missed.
R.I.P. Nadia, you will be missed.

You could tell Erin was taking Nadia’s death hard. Her eyes said it all. Everyone kept asking her if she was okay and she kept saying she was fine. But her pain goes much deeper than that. She blames herself for Nadia’s death. She wanted to be for Nadia what Voight was for her. She can’t blame herself for that. If she left Nadia where she was, Nadia probably would have died of an overdose. But regardless of the truth, Erin’s pain runs deep and she’s cutting herself off from the group.

Voight is very worried about her. Afraid she’ll slip back. She may already be slipping back when it’s her mother she goes to talk to. This will be a struggle for Erin. One that I think she’ll come back from even stronger. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a long bumpy road. It’s nice when writers can give characters struggles to overcome. I hate that we lost Nadia, but this leaves Sophia Bush with a great storyline to work with.

Erin isn’t the only one that will be struggling. Atwater just got bumped back down to uniform because of a stupid mistake. He left a soda can in the interrogation room with the suspect when he left the room. The suspect then killed himself and almost blew the whole case. I.A. is now launching a full investigation and Atwater can’t be in Intelligence while it’s going on. He will now be Roman’s partner and Burgess has been bumped up to Intelligence, until further notice. I’ve been dying to see Burgess in Intelligence, especially with how courageous she’s been lately. She doesn’t like how she got the job though. She feels really bad. I don’t think Atwater has any ill will towards her, I think his frustration is with himself. He made the mistake that almost cost them the case. It it wasn’t for Mouse, the case would have been lost.

This was a very emotional episode. Platt is not one to cry, but she spent most of the episode holding back tears. She really loved Nadia. Platt was so angry when Nadia wouldn’t get her memorial. But Voight saved the day again. Don’t do anything bad in Chicago, because Voight will find out and he will use it against you. It was a no brainer for George, agree to the memorial or let it be known that he was with a prostitute. It’s sad that their excuse was because she wasn’t a cop, but she did get accepted as a recruit. Her dream was realized, but she wasn’t alive to see it. That was really hard to swallow. She had worked so hard. She had overcome so much. It was also a nice way to memorialize Nadia in the episode. I was devastated when she died because she would never become a cop. Now at least we know she succeeded.

Next week Intelligence has a hostage situation and Voight has to go in alone. Take a look at the promo:


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