‘Scream Queens’ Review: The Most Fun Show on TV

I’m so sad that Scream Queens is over! It was the most fun I’ve ever had watching TV and you all know how much I love my TV.

SQ-S1_112-sc40-42-pp_0032_f_thumbLast week Pete was revealed as one of the Red Devil killers, but a third killer that we never knew about. This week he told us everything. He wasn’t kidding when he said Boone was his source.

He took investigative journalism to a whole new level. I’ve heard about diving into the story and taking part, but he took it a little over board.

He was about to tell us who the last Red Devil was when Hester came out and killed him.

Last week I still found Pete hot, even though he was a serial killer, but going after Chanel crossed the line for me.

SQ-S1_112-sc43-pp_0010_thumbSure Chanel was the worst of them all, but she was my favorite! How could you not love Emma Roberts in this role. She does bitch so well and all that fashion was just amazing.

Remember how I’ve said countless times not to take this show seriously. I’m being serious. If you just have fun with this show you can have so much fun.

I know there will be another story next season, but I don’t know how they can out do this season. It was incredible. I know there was a lot of haters. I’m sure most of those haters took the show way too seriously.

Scream Queens is my new favorite obsession and I look forward to it week after week.

Other than Boone there wasn’t really anyone I was upset that got killed. If it wasn’t for Pete going after Chanel, I would have been upset about him, but he crossed the line. No ones messes with my girl Chanel. So it was right that he was taken out.

So the first hour of this two hour season finale was totally intense. It was great. The second half wasn’t what I hoped for, but it was all wrapped up very nicely.

It made total sense that Hester was the last Red Devil. I mean we all had our suspicious about her.

I kind of loved that the Chanels loved being in the mental hospital. They totally found their place in this world. Everyone was about to live happily ever after. Then Hester had to go after Chanel.

To be fair, we saw it coming, but still. I said Chanel was off limits!

SQ-S1_112-sc49-pp_0020Rcr_thumbJamie Lee Curtis was amazing on this show. She surprised us so many times. For all of us Dawson’s Creek fans, we will never see Oliver Hudson the same way after the season finale.

This show has been known to be outrageous, but how can you think when your dad is having sex in the next room? How can you even put your dad up to that?

He was a trooper though and then he fell in love with Munsch?

No one was seeing through Hester’s story, except Jamie. She saw the truth, but she was in a bind. She could take down Hester without taking out herself too.

Hester was the mastermind of the whole thing and it was actually pretty epic. She had it down to a T. She had fake parents on demand. Turned Chanel #5’s parents against her and made a split personality for Chanel #3. It was really a very calculated plan.

How great is it that Hester got away with it all? She took down a sorority and fraternity. Now Kappa house is a weird place where they bake and talk abut their feelings. I think I liked it better when Chanel ruled. It was more fun to watch then, but not a fun place to be apart of.

Lets see what Ryan Murphy can come up with for season two, because season one was epic.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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