‘Supergirl’ Review: I’m So In Love With Cat Grant

I didn’t think I could love Cat Grant anymore than I already did and then this episode happened. Each week she just keeps getting better.

I love Cat’s inspirational wisdom every week. It’s perfect that Supergirl airs on Mondays, because she gives us our #MondayMotivation, even if it is after the day is over.

107567_WB_0207bcShe just keeps getting better with more layers every week. Then she said she interviewed Taylor Swift and I was in awe. I didn’t think it could get any better than that, but it did.

Calista Flockhart was amazing in the scene with her character’s son. You don’t often get to see Cat scared. She’s such a confidant woman. The only other time we’ve seen her not confident was with her mother. That wasn’t her being scared, that was her still dealing with her mother issues.

The emotion Calista brought out in that scene was incredible. It was so heartfelt, it had guilt, it had remorse, it just had everything. There’s a reason why Cat is my favorite character on Supergirl and this scene says it all.

She’s just this incredible woman we all look up too. She’s not perfect, but that’s what makes her even better. The best characters are flawed.

The women on this show are so incredible. Kara is constantly trying to save everyone. She even tried to save Cat this week, and she succeed.

107567_WB_0695bcKara definitely crossed the line in sending that letter to Adam. She did the right thing, though. Cat was never going to do it and she just needed that nudge. Sadly, but in a good way, Kara had to be the moderator for Adam and Cat. She got them to really talk. Maybe she should have gone to dinner with them in the first place.

She can’t save everyone all the time, even if she is Supergirl.

The only lady on this show that needs more attention paid to them is Alex. I love when Alex has a fight scene. She’s so tough, but I want to see more from her. She can’t always be the sidekick for Kara and Hank. We need to see her character grow a little. She’s got so much potential.

I may just be biased, because I loved Chyler Leigh as Lexi on Grey’s Anatomy, but I know she can do so much more. I know the story can allow her to do so much more. So why aren’t the writers working with that yet? 

There’s a lot going on, I know, but they can do so much more with Alex.

We get a lot of Cat each week and of course Kara. Last week was a very Winn centric episode, which was amazing.  We’ve had a couple Hank episodes too, this one included. Now we need an Alex episode.

107567_WB_0179bcThis was an incredible episode for Hank. We really got to know him and understand him. He came face to face with the alien species that took out his entire race. Of course he needed Alex and Kara to remind him of his humanity, but it still took a lot of strength to not just kill that alien.

I can’t imagine having your entire species wiped out. David Harewood did such a beautiful job showing what that would really be like. I felt the pain he was feeling. 

I’m not sure which part I was tearing up more with, that scene or the one with Cat and her son.

I hope every episode ends with the Danvers sisters eating pizza or ice scream. I just love the sister moments.

Plus Supergirl is going to go on a date. I was shipping Adam and Kara way before he asked her out. They were just so cute together! I’m still all about James, but he’s still with Lucy. I want to see where this goes.

After an almost happy ending, there is a Supergirl double flying around. Just when Kara is making people believe in Supergirl, Maxwell has to go and make people hate her again.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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