PaleyFest Red Carpet: Erin Richard’s Thinks it’s Time ‘Gotham’ had a Woman’s Touch

Barbara has kind of had a roller coaster ride of emotions since season one and she may be finally starting to find her way in Gotham.

I spoke to Erin Richards on the PaleyFest red carpet about where Barbara is right now and where she’s going.

Barbara isn’t working for anyone like so many others in Gotham. She has a slight allegiance to her club partner, Tabitha, but other than that she’s on her own.

“She’s sort of out on her own this season. She’s going to try and climb the ladder in the underworld and knock some people off the top spot. She thinks maybe it’s time Gotham had a woman’s touch,” Erin said.

“I think it’s really fun to watch a character who could do anything. The great thing about Barbara is, people call her crazy, which she may be. More than that’s she’s living in this way where she can use all of her different kind of personalities to get where she wants to be in Gotham. She’s a real threat,” she added.

Erin went on to say that she’s been certified sane (using air quotes and a smirk). She’s running with it and she has more of a direction this season than doing whatever she feels is right in the moment. The actress believes this will be an interesting season for her character.

Check out my full interview with Erin on the red carpet:

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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