‘Arrow’ Review: Oliver Goes back to the Mission

This was the best episode of Arrow this season and probably one of the best of the entire series.  I was so worried about Oliver. It really did go back to basics. Back when Oliver was the main focus of the show. There are other characters I love on this show but Oliver was the beginning and he’s still the center of it all.

Emily Bett Rickards teased on TVLine that Olicity would have a rough night. She wasn’t wrong but she did slightly mislead us. We did see in the preview from last week that Felicity asked Oliver (Stephen Amell) for a break but that wasn’t what it appeared to be.

Things are pretty bad for Oliver. John (David Ramsey) and even with Felicity trying to patch things up, he’s not coming back anytime soon. The rest of Team Arrow is long gone and at the beginning of the episode, impeachment was imminent. Things couldn’t get worse, could they? Just when Oliver needed to go into an impeachment hearing, he got dosed with vertigo. From there, things got very, very dark. 

Before we knew he was hallucinating, he got mad at Felicity and then ruined William’s science project. I really just thought that everything was getting to him at that point. I had such mixed emotions because I was feeling for Ollie but also mad at him for attacking Felicity and ruining his son’s project. Then, Felicity kicks him out and tends to William. The next thing we know Felicity is asking for a break. It seemed to all fit. Then Chase came back and I had no idea what was going on. It took a while before it became clear that he was hallucinating on vertigo.

Shane Harvey/The CW

We’re in the sixth season now and a lot has happened. Sometimes it’s good to remember where it all started. We certainly went down memory lane this week. He’s really beating himself up with everything that has happened. I have torn feelings about John saying his focus is split. That’s like saying a woman’s focus is split when she has a kid. I believe a woman can have it all and Oliver can too. He can be the mayor (or not seeing as how things ended up), he can be a father, be a husband and be Green Arrow. I believe that is possible. I’m all for him having it all and I’m all for him continuing to have it all. All this being said, John is right. Oliver definitely has to adjust things. I don’t mean he has to give anything up. I just think when you have multiple things you have to create a balance and your approach has to be different. He made an adjustment. He wants to go back to the mission. I like this and I don’t like this. I like the lone superhero. Batman was my favorite superhero before this show but I also like Team Arrow and I mean OTA. Felicity and Oliver could make a great team. I don’t think he can do this without her.

Speaking of Felicity and Oliver, Olicity wasn’t on the rocks in this episode. The separation talk was a hallucination. Felicity was actually helping William and she helped him get second place at the science fair. Olicity is better than ever. Oliver went into the police station to get Diaz, while still on vertigo and Felicity went in to save him. I love when she gets into the field. She can’t do what Oliver does but her brain gets her through a lot. She talked him down and saved him. That’s why he needs her. He may need to go back to basics but he still needs Overwatch.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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