‘Gotham’ Review: Harvey Wins the Episode with Best Lines

This week Jim and Harvey took a little field trip, and it was great to see what’s become of Gotham. It’s crazy out there, and we’re just getting started.

So far Jim (Ben McKenzie) hasn’t changed. He’s still the big-hearted cop that’s going to try to save every single person. It’s a whole new world in Gotham and a dark one at that. There are more villains to tend to than just the ones we love, and we got to meet some of them. Of course, they are all trying to win favor with Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor). Who we sadly didn’t get to see in this episode.

Oswald and Jim have always had an interesting relationship. I love their bromance. They never want to kill each other at the same time. Which may be part of the reason why they are both still alive. Oswald wants Jim’s head, but Jim has other things to worry about than killing Penguin. Even though Jim and Oswald were at odds last week, I still loved seeing them together. I hope we get many more interactions with them this season.

I can’t remember the last time we saw Ivy (Peyton List), but she finally resurfaced. I was wondering who the witch could possibly be. I never thought it would be Ivy. Not exactly a witch, but she did save Selina (Camren Bicondova). We should be rejoicing that Selina is saved but all Camren could talk about during press was what a hard time her character goes through this season, so we know there are more dark times are ahead.

Ed (Cory Michael Smith) is going crazy once again. He’s my favorite when he’s going a little crazy. It sounds like we may have a new personality for Ed, too. I hope we are going to get to see what he does during his blackouts soon. He may have killed an entire gang when he was blacked out!

Harvey (Donal Logue) was my absolute favorite in this episode. He had all the best lines and he was really having a bad night. First with the arrows, then he was poked in the back with a cattle prod, then he found fingers and was almost killed by a crazy lady. That doesn’t even include everything else going on in Gotham right now. Through it all, he knows exactly what to say.

We’re only two episodes in and part of me wants to binge the whole thing now, and another part wants to savor these last episodes.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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