‘Tell Me a Story’: It’s Crazy vs. Crazy, Who Will Win?

It was worth the wait to see Danielle Campbell’s performance this week. Tell Me a Story has finally given her something great to work with to really let her talent shine through.

(It’s so much fun watching Danielle Campbell play the villain this season. Connie Chornuk/CBS)

I’m glad that Tell Me a Story is doing her right with this great twisted fairytale. She was the victim and then the survivor in the first season, and now she’s the villain. It’s making me so happy.

Tucker (Paul Wesley) really has met his match. Olivia’s (Danielle) ex-boyfriend was not the only person she killed. I felt that would be the case, and I just wanted confirmation.

The Cinderella storyline is having even more twists and turns. Veronica (Garcelle Beauvais) hired Maddie (Odette Annable) to be Simone’s (Ashley Madekwe) lawyer (here is where the stories start to connect). I have no idea why the police would think Simone would kill her godmother, but unfortunately, she is a suspect.

It’s safe to say that Veronica wasn’t behind Simone’s father’s death. But that leaves one of the brothers, maybe. It could be Ron (Caleb Castille), but it looked like Veronica, and it wasn’t. Could his death have just been an accident, and Ron changed the will?

Plus, now Veronica wants them to be a family. Maybe Veronica wasn’t as bad as Simone has painted her in her head. Maybe, she was angry about her father remarrying and took it out on Veronica. It’s a normal response. This fairytale is definitely rolling out differently than expected.

Has Tucker met his match? (CBS)

And then there’s our favorite couple. Ashley (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Beau (Eka Darville). It was a little rocky. She told him there was nothing between them but finally was honest with herself and him. And it was thanks to mama Pruitt (Carrie-Anne Moss) that she found her courage.

It was a beautiful scene between mother and daughter. Rebecca has been acting more like her manager than her mother, and it was nice to see her be there for Ashely. She will only be more confident because of it.

That wasn’t Rebecca’s only mother moment this week. She also had a beautiful moment with Jackson (Matt Lauria). He was falling back into old ways after Simone left him. And he was about to drive off drunk and maybe kill himself until Rebecca told him it wasn’t his fault his father died. He was 15. His father put him in danger, not the other way around.

Hopefully, Jackson can let go of his guilt and finally move on.

Only two more episodes left. What do you think about the twists these fairytales are taking? Tweet me @MandyTTCarr or comment below.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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