Superman & Lois’ Bizarro World

Superman & Lois‘ Bizarro World wasn’t as bizarre as I was expecting it to be. The red hue was strange. I don’t know how anyone dealt with that, but some things were similar. There were a few things that were opposite as well.

Jordan, Jon and Lois in Bizarro World, Superman & Lois
Bizarro World’s Jordan, Jon and Lois. (The CW)

Let’s first take note of the incredible fashion. While I like colors in my wardrobe, all of Bizarro World’s characters were more stylish than ours. We saw glimpses of this amazing fashion in the promo. I think the black and reds made you assume the people in Bizarro World were evil, but there were just the same as our Earth. Some are evil, and some are good. And many are susceptible to fear-mongering.

We got the low-down on everything that happened in Bizarro World leading up to where we left off in the last episode. It turns out this Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) has powers. And in this world, they are treated much more like the superheroes in The Boys. They’re celebrities. A specialist helps them with their costume and name. There are photo shoots, parties and fans. It’s nothing like our Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). His identity is a secret.

Superman in Bizarro World, Superman & Lois
This Superman was more like a superhero from The Boys. (The CW)

This Superman got wrapped up in the fame and the power. He used the kryptonite to make himself stronger just like Mitch Anderson (Ian Bohen) did. It’s no surprise the drug was so destructive, as most potent drugs are. As a result, Bizarro Superman wrecked himself and then died trying to fix his mistakes.

I don’t know if Jon and Jordan (Alex Garfin) were much different. It’s just that a different brother got the powers. It’s highly possible that our Jon may have reacted the same way if he got his powers first. Look how he was acting when he was using x-kryptonite. And Jordan didn’t come out of his shell until he got his powers. So, it appears the right brother got the powers on our Earth. Not saying that Jon won’t be able to handle it when he’s older, but he clearly can’t now.

Bizarro Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) is very similar to our Lois. She’s still a journalist, but she doesn’t have any control over her Superman. But we can probably blame that on the kryptonite and fame. She was hiding, but she didn’t run and hide. And she was helping our Anderson hide. There’s some of our Lois in her. And if our Superman acted the same way as this one, I’m sure Lois would leave. She wouldn’t put up with that.

Evil Jon in Bizarro World, Superman & Lois
Bizarro World’s Jon is coming for our Job. (The CW)

Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui) was completely different. She didn’t have her daughters in this world and wasn’t married to Kyle Cushing (Erik Valdez). She was also a bartender and got sucked into Ally Allston’s (Rya Kihlstedt) lies. Our Lana would never do that. She also got superpowers and married Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner), who is good in this world. So, some things were truly bizarre.

It was fun seeing this world, but Ally is merging, and Bizarro Jon has come to merge with our Jon. The promos don’t seem to indicate that they’ve joined, but Jon is even more obstinate, so it’s unclear. If they have merged, can they be broken apart again? Or are we stuck with both of them? Other than Tal, I prefer all of our versions.

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