Roswell, New Mexico: Are Isobel & Kyle Endgame?

We’ve all been obsessed with Isobel Evans and Kyle Valenti since last season. It almost seemed like we were going to get our couple, but Isobel got together with Anatsa before she found out about Kyle’s feelings, so now we’re stuck pinning away for them.

Will Isobel and Kyle be endgame on Roswell, New Mexico?
Will Isobel and Kyle be endgame? (The CW)

I’m all for diversity on a show. So it’s great that the Roswell, New Mexico writers, have put Isobel (Lily Cowles) with Anatsa (Sibongile Mlambo). The only problem is they aren’t making her very likable. Also, once I realized she played Monroe on Teen Wolf, I haven’t been able to unsee it. I mean, her character tried to kill all of our favorite supernaturals. I know that’s what she was hired to play, but it’s clearly stuck with me.

Putting that aside, I typically like reporter roles. It’s part of the reason I love Lois Lane, Iris West-Allen and Will Tippin from Alias. I love the pursuit of the truth. In Will’s case, it was going to kill him, but I still loved the suspense. Now, It’s more about Anatsa finding out the truth about Isobel, Max Evans (Nathan Parsons) and Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis) before Iz is ready. But why isn’t she ready? She’s had a couple of opportunities to tell her the truth. She could have done it after the St. Elmo’s rain, and she had an excellent chance to tell her after the awkward double date. Anatsa wanted to know what she was hiding. Instead, Iz chose to give them distance. She’s already told this woman she loves her. Shouldn’t that mean she’s ready to tell her the truth? The lies are just going to start pilling up otherwise.

Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans on Roswell, New Mexico
Kyle loves this woman. If only she knew. (The CW)

In the meantime, we are getting several cute scenes with her and Kyle (Michael Trevino). I’m enjoying them, but this poor guy is just trying to move on. He missed his chance with Iz, so he’s trying to find happiness elsewhere. All I want is for him to be happy, but I’m not a fan of the woman he’s with either. Are the writers purposely putting them together with characters we’re going to dislike? Are they trying to torture us? Kyle is always giving Iz good advice, and she’s oblivious to his feelings. I wish someone would slip and tell Isobel. Kyle’s too good of a guy to tell her, but she needs to know.

Did you see the look on Isobel’s face last week when she saw Kyle with another woman? She wasn’t happy for him. It looked like sadness. I don’t think she even knows how she feels about him yet. But even Anatsa can see it. So how long will it take Iz to realize it?

Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti on Roswell, New Mexico
All was is for Kyle to be happy. And be with Isobel. (The CW)

It’s a cop-out to make this couple same-sex when the writers appear to want Iz to end up with Kyle. It’s not like all of these couples have to be endgame, but don’t just create diversity for diversity’s sake. Roswell, New Mexico, has a lot of excellent diversity. Malex is the cutest thing, and they may be the favorite ship over Echo. I love that Roswell has a Latina lead in Jeanine Mason. The one place where the show lacked was diversity in ethnicity in the male characters, but the writers fixed that with the introduction of Dallas (Quentin Plair). He is not diversity for diversity’s sake, though. He has excellent chemistry with every character and has quickly become a fan favorite. The bromance between him and Michael is on point.

Unfortunately, the writers are not even giving Anatsa a chance. Maybe because as she tracks down this story, Isobel, Michael, Max and Dallas are at risk of being exposed. But they can fix that by just having Iz tell her the truth. It’s clear that Anatsa and Isobel won’t be the endgame.

The writers are pushing us to ship Isobel and Kyle more each week. If they don’t make them endgame, that would just be cruel.

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