‘Only Murders in the Building’: Have We Seen The Killer?

Glitter person is most likely the killer, and now we’ve seen them on the surveillance video, in the hidden passageway, Central Park, the subway and even more in the “Flipping the Pieces” episode of Only Murders in the Building. Tell me I’m wrong, but I believe this person is our murderer. If only we could see their face.

Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora putting the pieces together on Only Murders in the Building.
Mabel Mora puts one piece of the puzzle together. (Hulu)

We left off with Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) attacking the Glitter person. We had no context, but it’s no surprise that the Glitter person was attacking her. (I feel like it’s a guy, but until we get a close enough look, I’m going to go with a person. They’re always dressed in all black. And sometimes, with a winter coat on and no face showing, it’s not easy to tell.) But how did Mabel stab them? What did she have on her that she would have been able to stab them with? Her knitting needle. She’s always wanted to do that and someone attacking her on the subway gives her a great excuse. Expect that several people filmed it without providing context that Mabel was the one attacked.

Mabel, Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) and Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) assumed they were texting with the killer. For me, I wasn’t sure until we saw the back of them in Mabel’s memory from the night Bunny was killed. It also is very suspicious that this person stole the matchbook and Mabel’s bag. And the way they were approaching Mable on the train was creepy. She was justified even if she hadn’t just been upset over Alice (Cara Delevingne). I would have been freaked out too.

Mabel Mora looking for answers on Only Murders in the Building.
Mable Mora was looking for answers in “Flipping the Pieces.” (Hulu)

Then they were ready to attack in the locker room at Coney Island. It’s lucky Mabel thought quickly and pushed open the locker first. It’s clear that this person is shady. If they aren’t the killer, they aren’t painting a good look for themselves. Of course, Mabel, Charles and Oliver are sneaking around too. They went into Bunny’s apartment. They are walking around the secret passageway. Mabel just broke into Coney Island (with Theo Dimas (James Caverly), of all people!) So, they can kind of look shady, too. But at least they aren’t doing it in all black with their faces covered and a ski mask. We haven’t even seen this person’s eyes. Who could be walking around like that? They can’t be living at the Arconia and working at Coney Island. That’s a serious commute, and it wouldn’t pay enough to afford an apartment in that building. It’s definitely a grown person. I’m still going with a man, but as I said, it’s hard to tell.

The Glitter person knows Bunny in some capacity. So, what our favorite trio should be doing is going over everyone in Bunny’s life. But they aren’t exactly the best investigators. They haven’t even released a podcast episode in a while. Granted, they’ve had a lot going on.

Now that Detective Williams (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) has the knife, could she track Glitter person down? (Can we talk about how cute Oliver was with her baby? He should stop telling false stories and just be himself because I love him just the way he is.) What did Mabel do with her coat? It has the suspected killer’s blood on it. These three really are not good with how they handle evidence—no wonder they drive Detective Williams crazy.

Mabel and Theo running from Glitter person in Coney Island on Only Murders in the Building.
Where will Theo’s characters go from here? Now that we know James and Selena have great chemistry on screen? (Hulu)

And after all of this, there’s a blackout with a killer on the loose, and Lucy (Zoe Margaret Colletti) is in Charle’s apartment after the suspected killer had a photo of Charles and Lucy on them. It’s obvious Charle’s father ties into this somehow, given the painting, but we need more information. At least Mabel put one of the pieces together and remembered what had happened that night. She did go to grab her knitting needle, but only after she saw someone running with a knife. Then Bunny falls onto her.

I was so happy to see the three reunited at the end of the episode, as fun as it was seeing Mabel with Theo (and they did have great chemistry). I love our trio. It’s a strange friendship, but it works. Just the way they smiled at each other and had a big hug was everything. Now, on to the next crisis.

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