Walker’s Latest Twist Is My Favorite

It seemed crazy that Trey Barnett (Jeff Pierre) was fired from the Rangers on Walker. It was his perfect job. Everything that he’s done led him there. I couldn’t believe that Captain James (Coby Bell) would fire him after such a small infraction, especially after all the things Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) has done. James has been touchy about this case, but it just didn’t seem enough to go this far.

I was personally upset because of how much I love Trey. I couldn’t understand what they were doing with his character and what he would do next. This has been something the Walker writers have struggled with in the past with his character. They integrated him more into the show because he’s such a fan favorite. Lindsey Morgan leaving gave the show a great opportunity to do that. He couldn’t be Micki’s boyfriend anymore. He had also already become an honorary Walker, so it was perfect timing.


Everything has come full circle now. It was a way to get Trey off the Rangers so he could infiltrate what could be Grey Flag. Given his background, it seemed to make sense that a Veterans lobbying group could contact him (how this lobbying group connects to Grey Flag is still unclear). It’s a genius plan by James. he couldn’t have Cordell go undercover because he’s at the center of the entire case (and he doesn’t do well undercover.) The only other person James could trust to get close was Trey.

I love this storyline for Trey. He’s always going above and beyond to save people in a crisis. It’s why we all fell in love with him. This is an even more intense storyline for him to shine. This solidifies his place in Walker. There’s no question what his purpose is. Trey’s purpose is to save the people he loves.

Some of the best storylines on Walker have been when Cordell Walker is targeted. It’s also great watching him track down his enemies. I love that Trey has been brought into these storylines. He has been there during them, but just happened to save them. He was never part of the plan. It seems like the most logical step especially when James couldn’t rely on Walker or Cassie Perez (Ashely Reyes) to help.

Trey at his disciplinary hearing on Walker. (The CW)

The events of Walker season three episode 11, “Past Is Prologue,” made it impossible for Cordell and Cassie to hide what was happening. And it’s about time. I hated seeing Cordell, Cassie and James at odds. While Cordell thinks they are ahead on this, it’s more than likely James knows everything.

This isn’t the first time James has hidden a case from Walker that involved him. He did it when his wife died. It didn’t help protect Cordell then, and it’s not helping him now. He knows Cordell so well and should have known nothing could have made him stand down. He’s always going to go rogue to get his own answers. We’ll have to see if the next time a case involves Walker (assuming Walker gets renewed for season four), if James will read Cordell in earlier. It’s likely as the Rangers Captain he will keep holding things back until he absolutely can’t anymore.

With Trey being so involved this time this storyline is sure to get pretty intense. I’m here for this. Walker does great on the edge-of-your-seat episodes. And it sounds like we may get some answers next week.

Walker airs on The CW at 8 pm ET.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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